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This is a casually written post.  Not a professional newsletter.  I’m not even going to run spell check.  (be shocked, by very shocked).  It’s just a female real estate broker, typing what’s on her mind at 11:00pm on a cold, rainy Friday.

I’m about to head out of the office for the day.  I submitted an offer at 10:00pm and this blog post was weighing heavily on my heart.  I had to write.  Casual as it may be.  Personal as it may be.  Yes, this is a business blog, but I’m sharing of my heart.

You see, I’m reflecting on what an awesome week it has been. Driving back from a second showing on a home late this evening, running on little sleep and the heart burn caused by yummy tasting pizza I shouldn’t have scarfed down before heading back into town for this appointment, I couldn’t help but feel joyful on this cold raining night.  AND  I have to share.  I guess partially because my heart just feels so full, partially because if anyone is considering a career in real estate……..well, this casually written blog post will share with you a little bit about WHY I love this career so much.

This career is something I am very passionate about and I so wish I could have started in my 20’s as I had dreamed of doing.  But I just love helping others and what better way to do so than follow in my Mom’s footsteps and help others buy /sell a home or assist others in getting started in this career.   The way the people we meet touch our hearts is just ONE of the perks of the job.

Here are a few of the reasons I’m smiling at 11pm on a Friday night, sleepy, but honestly smiling as I sit at the computer:

MRE has a few new agents starting soon… and we cannot wait to share that news!  (I guess I kind of did just now, but official announcements soon!)  All of the future “Maroney Real Estate Family Members” seem to have a good heart, a good business sense and each one brings something unique to the company that I feel will be beneficial to clients and our business as a whole.  We are thrilled to welcome them on! …

Through folks I met on the job, I had two totally unexpected opportunities to share something special this week…

But mostly, I’m thinking of the amazing families I have gotten to know during this career I love so much and how many ways they brighten my day.  I hope I can do the same in return, plus some!  I don’t want to get into all the details, but some of the ways are:

Seeing posts on social media from some of my clients and smiling or crying with them…

Mini “conversations” that arise from some of those posts!…

Sharing in general conversations and texts with current or past clients…

Missing a client (2 actually) that moved to TX and smiling when I see a FB post….

One seller’s three year old who tells me his bible verse he learned; be it when I see them in person or he tells me over the phone…

Helping a wonderful family navigate the waters of buying their first home in a crazy seller’s market.  Ask most real estate professionals and I believe they will say that helping first time buyers in a low – inventory, CRAZY strong seller’s market does come with its challenges, but the great folks I meet are again, what it’s all about!  Not to mention the victory we all feel when we find the home and are the “winner” in a multiple offer situation…

Then there is the Mom and 3 kids I met in 2012 who were moving back to TN & I was blessed to serve as her buyers agent.  We were at the office late on the night before Thanksgiving writing an offer on a home that would become a new beginning for her and the children.  I gained a friend in the process (four of them – those kiddos are precious to me). Then today, the oldest of the three children text me and asked me to come take prom photos tonight.  Based on a message from the mom, I don’t believe she originally knew I was going to be asked to do so, but stated she loved that her daughter did so.  Talk about a huge smile that brought to me…that the daughter asked me to take the photos on a special event.  What a joy to be able to do so and how beautiful she looked! Inside and out…she is a beautiful young lady.   If it weren’t for this career, I wouldn’t have had the blessing of doing so.  Besides, I had a chance to share in some laughter with the mom and two younger children! …

AND THEN…there is the precious three year old who is all shy with you at first and by the second day of showings, is calling you Aunt Michel.   I had a client whose children called me Grandma Michel and I love them to pieces.  But this week, I had the Realtor-Aunt Hat on! {insert HUGE smile again}.  I met them at the final walk through and when I arrive, they are in the very back portion of their soon-to-be lot and it’s a decent sized piece of land.  I walk to the edge of the driveway, we wave and all of a sudden, this little man just takes off running to me!  It reminds me of when I pull up at my daughter’s home and the grand kids are playing outside and they run to see me.  But I’m their Mamaw, you’d kind of expect that to happen.  But this amazing little man who has stole my heart during this real estate transaction, runs his little heart out, hair flying in the breeze he’s creating from running so very fast and I’m in awe as I watch him.  He gets to me and says, “Aunt Michel, I picked you this flower!” 

  ***** Ya’ll there are no words!! *****

What a sweet boy he is and what a joy it is to get to know the clients I work with.  I always say it’s not about the sales, it’s about helping people!

If you thought real estate was just HGTV in real life or just about showing houses and putting up for sale signs…we need to talk.  The good, the bad, the indifferent of this career AND the amazing weeks like this.  Every day in the business world may not be sunshine, smiles and little, yellow wild flowers…but EVERY DAY IN THIS BUSINESS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE AND YOU MAY BE SURPRISED AT HOW IT TOUCHES YOUR LIFE TOO.

This Realtor® heart is full as she turns out the light of the office on a Friday night.

A Flower for “Aunt Michel”


Author: Maroney Real Estate

As a 2nd generation real estate professional, I take great pride in putting the client first and educating my clients on the process of buying or selling a home, which in turn brings about a stress-free transaction. I feel integrity and open communication are the key to success in a happy client-Realtor® relationship. If you are interested in buying or selling a home in Middle TN and are looking for a real estate professional with vintage values, coupled with the use of today's technology, I'd be honored to hear from you! Let's make your dreams come true together! Professional Credentials: TN Real Estate Broker Accredited Buyers Representative Did You Serve?™ Certified Pro Agent

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