Alana Jackson

Our Move to Vancouver Island-the best decision ever!

Some time ago, my husband and I made the decision to cash out and move to Vancouver Island. We’d had enough of the traffic, hour long commutes, and congestion of the of the Greater Vancouver area. Knowing we could pay off our miscellaneous debt and reduce the size of our mortgage significantly was very attractive. So we listed our home for sale and began researching areas where we could get a bigger bang for our real estate buck. We had considered the Okanagan very carefully in our plans to move. We both loved the warm dry summers, and knew our

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Renovations that give you the best return.

Not all renovations are created equal at least when it comes to the return on investment. You need to make sure you’re using your dollars in a way that maximizes the increase in your property’s value. While it’s never a bad idea to update neglected areas of your home, it’s a better idea to make informed decisions. Whether you’re getting ready to sell in the short term, or simply fortifying your home, here are some reliable home renovations that should increase your property’s overall value. Kitchen First things first: the kitchen. Otherwise known as the most important room to renovate

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