Celebration Community

Great information on the fabulous community of Celebration, FL.

It is extremely common when meeting someone for the first time to ask them where they live. I am from Wheeling, West Virginia, and so when asked this question, I would always answer, “In Woodsdale, on the way to Olgebay Park”.  Woodsdale is a neighborhood that is part of the city of Wheeling, and Oglebay Park is a state park that has been in existence (first a family farm and then it was later donated to the state) for over 100 years. In Florida, when you ask someone where they live, you will usually get the name of the subdivision they live in. When I first moved to Florida, I thought it was kind of sad to not see a lot of what I considered “real neighborhoods.”

Celebration, FL communityThe Celebration Community

Now that I have been in Florida for more than 7 years, my opinion has been altered as I have experienced more people and places. The idea of community does not necessarily have anything to do with whether or not the area was a planned unit development (subdivision or not).

It has more to do with how it was laid out to encourage personal interaction and how the people that make up that community participate in it. With that being said, I have experienced a wonderful sense of community and neighborhood by living in Celebration.

Celebrate a Sense of Home

The first thing that people seem to notice when entering the town of Celebration is the white picket fence. Whenever we return from a trip, we get that sense of “home” as soon as we see it. As a family with a young child, we take full advantage of all Celebration has to offer; we spend time at the parks meeting other families; use the bike paths to see the birds and other wildlife in the area; walk downtown on the trails to eat dinner or have ice cream; and of course, we are only a couple of miles from Walt Disney World. We have enjoyed this immensely, but I think one of the best aspects of Celebration is the people, our neighbors.

Nectar’s Community Involvement

I am the current president of the Women’s Club of Celebration. This is a non‐profit organization that raises funds to support local charities for women and children. Most of our fundraising efforts go to the Osceola County Help NOW, which is a battered Women & Children’s Shelter in our County. Many times I have gone on our public town forum to ask for milk donations, volunteers for events, and clothing for the shelter, and I have always been humbled by the outpour of support that I have gotten from Celebration residents. They have time and time again been willing to donate items as well as their time.

Homes by Nectar Community InvolvementOn December 4th and 5th, WCC has our annual fundraiser where we get all of our funds to help the aforementioned charities. Seven Celebration families have graciously agreed to allow people to walk through their beautifully decorated homes as part of our 13th Annual Holiday Home Tour. People purchase tickets to do the tour and support our causes. It is amazing to see people look forward to the tour every year and are willing to purchase tickets, volunteer to stand in the homes, or donate items we may need to be successful.

If this sounds like a Community that you would like to be a part of, contact me to see all of the properties for sale in Celebration today!

Curb Appeal

Why curb appeal is so important to selling your house, and ways to create a good, lasting impression on potential buyers.

First Impressions are So Important!

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This is especially true in the current real estate market.  With so many homes on the market, how do you make yours stand out above the rest?

Keep up maintenance on the exterior of your house when trying to sell

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, then one of the first things you should do is evaluate your home’s curb appeal.   I know this seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many homes I see for sale where the people are not maintaining the exterior to its fullest potential.

Driving up to the property is the first time potential buyers are going to get a glimpse of it.   If they start out with the impression that the home needs work, they will continue to look for flaws throughout the interior as well.  You CANNOT take back that first initial impression.  Here are some ideas to help your property leave a good, lasting impression and invite in potential buyers.

1. Power wash the home and the surrounding walkways.

2. Make sure, that if your home uses an irrigation system, that it is set to come on at a time when you are sure no viewings will occur.

3. Trim tree branches back from the roof and windows to invite more light in and show a clean look from the street.

4. Play to your home’s strengths – if it has a large front porch, place a few chairs on it to show the size; if your home has a large yard, make sure the landscaping is lush and well cared for; etc.

5. Place a nice welcome mat at the front door.

6. Repainting or staining the door is always a nice way to make the home look fresh.

7. Cleaning the front door hardware and making sure the house numbers are clean and straight are inexpensive ways to make things look new again.

In order to get top dollar in this market, buyers want to see a product that looks move-in ready.  By actively maintaining the exterior of your home, you will attract more attention and the more demand, the greater the sale price!  For more great tips on selling your home, contact Nectar Real Estate.