Orlando, Best Place for Business

More companies and employees are heading to Orlando, voted the best place for businesses in Florida, which means more spending and a greater need for housing.

As someone who gets an enormous amount of email every day, I often put things aside to read later if they don’t need immediate attention.  As I was cleaning out my inbox of unread email, I noticed an interesting article on the Florida Realtors Newsletter from January 24th.

Orlando FL homes for sale | Homes by Nectar
The title of the article is “5 Fla. Cities Tops for Doing Business”.   Any time I see news that that could be an indicator for the housing market, I am immediately intrigued.  Often times I feel that there is a great amount of information available to us now on pretty much every subject, but sometimes its hard to determine how to evaluate.  This seems especially true in regards to the real estate market.  Generally when you hear news about the real estate market, it is not good and the only data they give you is the number of sold properties.

This information, though worthwhile, does not paint the whole picture.  There are many factors and indicators that should be taken into account when evaluating the market as whole, and many of these are several steps back from the closing table.

This article addresses one of the many positive facets of Orlando’s economic situation.  A study was done by a company called BizCosts.com.  They evaluated the costs of doing business in multiple cities around the country and came up with a list of the top 20.  Many factors went into their study such as labor costs, commercial real estate prices, taxes, etc.  The fact that we are an extremely cost effective place for businesses to set up shop is wonderful news for the Central Florida economy and yes, the Orlando homes real estate market.
orlando homes and orlando real estate for sale
More companies and employees in the area means more spending and a greater need for housing.  This is great news for sellers as we move through 2011 and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce works to attract new businesses to our area.  On the flip side employees looking to relocate will also find favorable prices and a lower cost of living than in many other large US cities.  This allows them more expendable income for leisure activities.

This is just one of the many positive indicators that I think will make a huge impact on our road to recovery!

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Celebration FL Homes: Garage Apartments

Celebration FL offers a variety of Garage Apartment living options; from a 500sf studio apartment over a 2 car garage to a 1200sf 2-bedroom apartment over a 4 car garage!

celebration fl homes, garage apartments

Many people fall into the trap of assuming that others have all of the same knowledge that they do, but that often is not the case.  I am guilty of this time and time again.  As someone who works and lives in Celebration, FL, I obviously know an inordinate amount about the area and homes here, and often times I assume that my clients do as well.

Celebration FL Homes have some rather unique features, and I realized that most people are unaware of one of the most popular: Garage Apartments.  Some of the homes are built with full apartments over the garage.  By full apartment, I mean they have a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  They are equipped as a separate dwelling unit.  This was something I have only ever seen in a couple of other areas, and it offers the home owner several interesting options.

celebration fl real estate

Garage apartments range in size as the garages themselves vary.  You can see anything from a 500 square foot studio apartment over a 2 car garage to a 1200 square foot 2 bedroom apartment over a 4 car garage.  Many people initially are not sure what to do with these spaces, but there are a variety of great ways to utilize them to the homeowner’s advantage.

celebration luxury homes, luxury kitchen

  • First and foremost, the homeowner can use them as a rental property.  Garage apartments are in high demand, and the homeowner can expect to get anywhere from $700-­‐$1400 per month depending on the size and the utilities included.  This can be a significant amount of the monthly mortgage on the property.
  • Secondly, people use them for extended family. Whether they are guest or live with the homeowners full time, the garage apartment allows each party to have privacy and a space of their own.

celebration fl real estate

  • A new trend that I have noticed amongst some of my clients, is to use the garage apartment as a vacation home and rent out the main house.  This may seem strange at first, but many people have been buying their retirement homes now even if they don’t plan to make the move for a few years.  If they rent the main house until they move permanently, they can cover the monthly carrying costs of the home in most cases.

celebration fl homes

A great home with a garage apartment is 1115 Rush Street.  This home features a wonderful floor plan with a first floor master suite; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a loft upstairs, an office, a fenced backyard, and lastly a garage apartment with its own entrance. This is a studio apartment that would rent for approximately $700-­‐800 per month.  The homes is listed at a great price of $515,000 or $151 per square foot.

If you would like to know more about Celebration FL real estate, garage apartments in Celebration, or this Celebration home in particular, feel free to contact me any time.

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Where Will All the Baby Boomers Go?

Why Central Florida would be a great retirement option for the nearly 78 million baby boomers.

As the majority of people know, Baby Boomers are Americans born between 1946 and 1964, and they currently make up 26.1% of the population according the U.S Census Bureau.  That is approximately 78 millions people!  Many of them will be ready to enjoy their hard-­‐earned retirement soon, and where is the best place for them to do that?

Retire to Celebration or Orlando Florida with the help of Nectar Real EstateFlorida, of course!  I know it seems cliche that everyone retires in Florida, but there are so many reasons why the Central Florida area is a great place to call to home.  As a Realtor, I help a lot of people relocate every year, and the predominant reason is still the weather.

Just last week, the northeast was pummeled with over 2 feet of snow in the New York Metro area.  With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Florida is the perfect place to sustain an active lifestyle and enjoy all of the leisure activities that you have been putting off while working and raising your children.

The Greater Orlando area is only 50 miles away from the coast, so day trips to the beach are always a possibility.  We also have all of the theme parks for visiting guests. As a resident of Celebration Florida, I know that if you live near ‘The Mouse’, they will come!  We also have the more golf courses than any other state, and lots of freshwater lakes and state parks to enjoy boating and water sports.

Central Florida is the best place to retire if you love golf.This may sound like a tourist brochure, so now I will tell you the best reason to retire or semi-­retire in Florida – AFFORDABILITY.  Orlando Florida Homes comes in all sizes and prices, but you can purchase a golf front home with 4 bedrooms for as little as $199,000.

You would be close to shopping, restaurants, theme parks, and the cost of living in Florida is lower than up north.  Many people think that the real estate market is a risky place right now, but in all honesty, this is the time to purchase for the future.  I have had many clients purchase their retirement homes now even if they don’t plan to retire for few year simply because homes are so affordable right now.

The real estate market is ripe with opportunity right now.  Don’t miss it!  Contact Nectar Real Estate to help you find the perfect Florida retirement home!

New Year, New Real Estate Solutions

What the New Year can mean for the Real Estate Market, as proven by the sale of houses that remained previously unsold.

Homes by Nector welcomes in 2011At the beginning of every year, we always find ourselves contemplating all of the things that we could have done differently last year.  Some of us also plan goals for the New Year and project how we are going to accomplish new feats in the year to come.  For the majority of us, these goals have a financial focus; save more money, cut back on unnecessary expenses, and plan for retirement, etc.

Realtors are Also Financial Advisors

When you ask most people who they would turn to for financial advice, most people would say their financial planner, banker, and maybe even a family member or friend.

I would be very surprised if the answer was ever ‘a Realtor’.  Why would a Realtor have any knowledge of how to help you achieve your financial goals?  The answer is simple, your house.

For the majority of people, their home is their largest asset.  That wonderful place that we call home is not just a roof over our heads, but a sizable financial investment on our part.

Many homeowners have tried to sell their current home in today’s market, but they have unfortunately been unsuccessful.  The market is a difficult place to navigate right now, but it is not without potential and opportunities on both sides of the closing table.  As a homeowner and Realtor, I have been doubly affected by the drop in housing prices, but I have seen signs of improvement in the Central Florida market, especially Celebration homes, over the past 12 months, and the inventory of homes on the market has shrunk dramatically.

Nectar Real Estate’s Secret to Selling Success

Nectar Real Estate’s Secret to Selling SuccessThere have been several times over the past year where I have sold homes that other companies could not, for example 529 Greenbrier Avenue & 719 Eastlawn Drive in Celebration.  The reason that I was successful in the face of a down market is simple ‐ personalized attention.

As a boutique real estate firm, we offer a level of customer service that I truly believe is unique and, as the track record shows, effective.  In a competitive market like this, it is extremely important to have an agent who has their finger on the pulse of the market.  I should also note that three of the homes I sold this year were record high prices for their neighborhoods, Bellalago and Celebration. You can also move to the place that is right for you now thanks to the affordability in the market and the low interest rates.

New Year, New Opportunities

The moral of the story is, these goals are not out of your reach, and I can help you achieve them.  Whether you want to downsize to reduce costs, purchase a retirement home while prices are low, sell your home to relocate out of the area, or buy the vacation place that you and your family have always wanted, I want to be your Realtor.

We have a wonderfully effective marketing plan that we cater to each property that we list, and we can be reached any time to set up an appointment to interview us.

The New Year, 2011, is here.  Let’s make it great!