Disney’s Limited Time Magic

You may remember that a few months I posted a blog regarding a new program that Disney would be implementing in 2013. It is called “Limited Time Magic” and word will be spread about the current promotions or events through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Starting on January 21st, they will be having “Long Lost Friends Week” where some old characters will be out for character Meet and Greets. Right now they have announced that Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, Clarabelle Cow, RobinHoodThe Three Little Pigs and Horace Horsecollar will be some of special characters around the 4 theme parks this coming week. As the date gets closer, they will update their Facebook page to tell you who will be where and when. To “like” Limited Time Magic on Facebook, click here.

See you there!

Upcoming Events & New Year’s Resolutions

Well of course, I do not know what everyone’s New Year’s resolutions were, but I would be willing to bet that many of them had to do with fitness and/or taking some time to slow down and smell the roses. Well there are 2 events coming up in the next few weeks that can help you reach both of those goals.

First off on February 2nd, The Town of Harmony (3500 Harmony Square Drive West Harmony, FL) located next to Saint Cloud, FL (about a 30 minute drive from Celebration, FL) is having their Dark Sky Festival. The purpose of this event is to let the public see the wonder of the nighttime sky. Festival goers can wonder at the marvels of astronomy and learn about the importance of dark skies for protecting wildlife. The festival will include speakers from NASA, Seminole State College Planetarium, and the International Dark Sky Association. There will also be 2 mobile planetariums with ongoing presentations, more than 50 telescopes for public use, and a variety of kids’ activities including a Kids Zone area. What a great way to take in some nature and explore a new area at the same time!

Our next upcoming event is the Kiss-im-mee 5K. This event takes place on February 16 at 7:30am. The race will start at Toho Square located at Pleasant Street and Darlington Avenue in downtown Kissimmee. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Kiss-im-ee 5K race promotes heart health and a Astronomyportion of the proceeds will go to the America Heart Association. The race starts and finishes at Toho Square and takes runners/walkers through the streets of downtown Kissimmee. The race costs $23-30 depending on when your register. For more information, call 407-846-4643.

So whether you enjoy taking in some nature or breaking a sweat, February has something to offer for everyone!

Make Your Small Space Seem BIG

Whether you are planning to put your property on the market and want to make the most of it or you are just wanting to take betteradanavatof the space you have, here are 8 things you can do to make your small space seem bigger. These tips will help you maximize what you’ve got by making better use of the space you have.

1. Let Furniture Float.

Many people make the common mistake of pushing everything against the wall, but the room will actually have more flow if you move pieces 36 inches away from the walls. It offers greater range of movement as people can then pass comfortably behind or in front of your furniture pieces.

2. Cover the Territory.

Select a large rug instead of a small accent rug.  A good rule of thumb is to have the rug extend to just pats where the furniture is situated.  Anything else will actually make the room appear smaller.

3. Expand Your Horizon.

Using mirrors is an old decorator’s trick, but it works.  They help reflect light back into the room and make the walls appear further away.  One is plenty per room though and it should not be any more than 3/4 the size of the wall.

4. Aim High.

Whether its floor lamps or bookcases, pick tall pieces.  They will draw the eye up and make the ceilings appear higher.

5. Go Big, Not Bulky.

It’s okay to purchase large-scale sofa, but make sure that every inch counts.  You want to have lots of seating space, but don’t buy one that has lots of bulky, unnecessary details like overstuffed rolled arms.  They take up too much space and don’t provide any function.

6. Lighten Up.

Stay away from heavy-looking furniture.  Opt for something light and airy instead.  Having glass pieces also help to make the room feel open due to their transparency.

7. Stack Artwork.

Hanging two pictures vertically forms a column of art that makes the room appear loftier.

8. Fake Being Taller.

If you are not lucky enough to have floor-to-ceiling windows, mount curtain rods high above the window frame.  The long sweep of fabric lends an air of grandness.

With these easy and inexpensive tips, you can make the most of your small room in just one day!DiningRoom

Celebration, Fl Market Update

As we head into 2013, I thought I would give you a glimpse of how we finished up the last 90 days. By all accounts, the real estate market is going to be competitive this year. Low inventory is going to make sellers happy but some buyers frustrated.

In the last 90 days, 66 properties have sold in Celebration, FL. 39 of those were single family homes and the rest were a mix of condos and townhouses. With a median “Days to Contract” of 54 days, properties are moving much quicker than in the previous 2 years, and right now we only have 112 active properties on the market.  This is obviously great news for the overall real estate market, but it does mean that many people will need to adjust their expectations.  The time where you could offer 20% less on a listing and have the seller be negotiable is over in most instances.  Properties are selling within a few percent of their list prices in most cases, and when new properties come on the market, there is almost an instant demand to view them.

Prices are still very favorable as are interest rates, so if you are considering a purchase or move, there is no time like present.  Let’s make that your 2013 real estate goals a reality.  Call a Nectar professional today to get started!IMG_2727

Video Is a Must for Sellers

The internet plays a huge role in the real estate industry, much like every other industry in today’s world. Several years ago it became the great equalizer that allowed small firms to have as much presence as the larger firms with the right online marketing strategy, and it offers prospective buyers and sellers a glimpse into the current market conditions in real time.

One things that has changed though is how we use the internet. As our needs and preferences have evolved, so has the way we use the largest, most used research tool out there. Once upon a time the most used function for the internet was email, then it was social media, and now those 2 things are not even the most frequently used application. According to the Pew International Report on Internet Behavior, Video Viewing is the number Internet activity. I was shocked at first, but think about how often you are watching something online whether it is a tutorial for how to do a home project or that funny commercial everyone told you about. With smartphones, we don’t even have to be in front of a computer to watch them.

What does all of this have to do with real estate? Well as a era estate agent who often deals with out of state or even out of country clients, I can tell you that the thing buyers ask me for most is a video of that property they like. Does it have a virtual tour? If not, (and this is often the case, will I go shoot a video for them and send it their way. I have sold many listings to clients because they watched the video. I have even sold homes to clients who never personally saw the home prior to making an offer, because they watch the video. Yes, it tis that important to have a video up of your home is you are a seller in today’s market. Buyers want to see them! I would also like to clarify that when I say video or virtual tour, I mean an actual movie not the series of panoramic shots that some people put together. Those do not buyers any sense of space of scale for their surroundings. They want to see what we call a “virtual showing” where I walk through the home pointing out special features and giving the potential a sense of the property’s space and flow. We do this with all of our listings, and it has been very successful at helping us get that property in front of more potential buyers.

So when you are ready to list your home, remember how important having a video tour is and call us.  We have our camera ready and look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Check out the video for our new listing, here.

How to Sell in Today’s Market

What are your goals for this New Year? I know that many people have been holding back on making any big changes regarding their current housing to see if the real estate market would change. I have heard so many reason that people have drug their feet to put their homes on the market – They want to wait until the election is over; No one will look at it over the holidays; The real estate market is still not good; etc. Well whatever your qualms are, there is one thing I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt. You will not sell your home without putting it up for sale.

Many times we sit back and fear perceived obstacles. So first things first if you have been putting off selling your current property, contact a professional today to see what your home is worth. Make sure that they not only show you what other homes have sold for but also what the current competition is. I find that often times too much emphasis is placed on what has just sold. There are other factors to take into account like whether or not there is any other inventory to chose from. For example in Celebration, FL, right we have so little inventory that sellers, in some cases, can demand higher prices. It is important to be realistic but also not leave money on the table at the same time. That is where a good real estate professional can guide you in pricing your property appropriately.

The other thing that is very important to know is all the fees associated with selling.  You will need to know what you will be paying for and what the buyers will be responsible for.  Each party is responsible for different items like pro-rated taxes, document stamps for the county, etc.  When we take a new listing, we give the clients a closing sheet that demonstrates the fees associated with a couple of different sales process so that they will ready and able to make an educated decision about any offers they receive.

At Nectar Real Estate, we are particularly skilled at getting clients top dollar for their properties, so if you are in our area call us and we can make an appointment to discuss your home dreams with you.