Sellers Stop Waiting Out the Market

Waiting is awful!!! Patience is a virtue often overlooked in real estate. For all of you who have been patient and kept your properties to see if the market would turn around, the wait is OVER.

A few years back when the market was at an all time low, sellers had a hard time getting what they needed for their properties. They sat and sat on the market, and so unfortunately some people were forced to foreclose. Others had some success with short sales. But those who could carry their extra or investment properties and didn’t want to hurt their credit, chose to rent them in order to defray some of the costs.

If this is a situation that you’ve been in, then let’s

Sunset over the Celebration Golf Course
Sunset over the Celebration Golf Course

get your property on the market. With the constantly shrinking inventory, continued low interest rates, and rising prices, it is the perfect time to sell. The median sold price per square foot in Celebration for 2011 was $154.76 and 146 single family homes sold here that year.  For 2013, the median sold price per square foot has been $184.16, and 133 homes have already sold this year.  With 2 months and 37 homes currently pending sale, we will see a huge increase in the number of sales that occurred in 2011.

There is no time like the present so let’s get your home on the market.  Call us any time to see what your home is worth and how we can best market it for you to get top dollar in today’s market.