Celebration Art Stroll & Sidewalk Sale

The annual Art Stroll and Sidewalk Sale is taking place in Celebration this weekend! Located on Market Street in downtown Celebration, these events are something to celebrate.

The Art Stroll will feature local artists, not just from Celebration— but from all over the State of Florida. Art booths will display paintings, sculptures, jewelry and more. And remember, booths vary each festival. So what you saw last year won’t be what you see this year! (Though the show will feature from returning artists, too.)

The Sidewalk Sale will feature sales on some of the best pieces of the season. From clothing items to decor, you never know what you’ll find! Participating stores are located in downtown Celebration, along Market Street.

While you’re in town, grab a bite to eat at the Celebration Town Tavern or a quick slice of pizza at Upper Crust. Two of our favorites! Then take a scenic walk around the lake. The weather is expected to be beautiful all weekend long.