Make Your Room Pop With an Accent Wall

Here are four exciting ways you can create an accent wall in your home.

Fabric Wallcovering

Using a textured surface like fabric can help to warm a room up or add depth, depending on what you hope to achieve.

Exposed Brick

An exposed brick wall evokes a sense of character in any settingfrom urban to traditional.


From mesmerizing floral patterns to classic prints, the right wallpaper will bring a room to life while supplementing the existing color scheme.

Bold Paint

The most common way to create an accent wall is to paint one wall an exciting color that complements the rest of the room.

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What Identity Thieves Want from Your Facebook Profile

Social media is just that”social. And a big part of it is sharing photos when youre out celebrating something, such as your birthday.

However, these two things”photos of yourself and your date of birth”can be all someone needs to steal your identity and start opening bank accounts, credit cards and other things in your name.

Frank Abagnale, a famous fraud-prevention specialist, has said that “98 percent of stealing a persons identity is just finding their date of birth and an image of them.”

While you may not want to delete every photo of yourself from Facebook, or leave your birthday off your profile page, you can at least limit who sees them.

Hiding Your Date of Birth
Click on your name and then click on the About tab. On the left are several categories that you can edit. Click on Contact and Basic Info to get to your birthdate”hover over it and an Edit button should appear. After clicking on Edit, you can change who sees either your birth month and day, or the year you were born.

You can change any of those, but Facebook only allows it a certain number of times. Instead of changing the date and lying to Facebook, which could get you kicked off the service, you can hide your birthday so that only you can view it. Or, you can customize your share options to display your birthdate to the public, all friends or only certain friends.

Hiding Photos
Hiding photos on Facebook can take a little more work, though the steps are simple.

Start by limiting who can see your Facebook page to only your friends. Just as you can hide your date of birth from the About tab, you can also hide who can view your contact information.

Your name and profile photo are always public on Facebook, partly as a way to help people find you. If you dont want anyone stealing a photo of you so they can fraudulently use it, make your profile photo something generic.

When you post something on your timeline, you choose who sees that post. Limit those to your friends only and dont make them public. Use the View As tool to see what your profile looks like to other people, including the public and specific friends. You can also control the privacy for each photo individually after it has been posted by clicking on a photo and then on Edit Post.

If someone tags you in a photo, by default it publishes without giving you the option to review it first. You can change this by clicking on your name, then Timeline Settings, and then you can choose to review photos you’re tagged in before they are published.

Reviewing anything youre tagged in will help prevent new photos of you from showing up without your approval.

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Protecting Yourself from Alarm System Scammers

If you have a sign in your front yard warning burglars that you have a home alarm system in place, you could be attracting a new breed of scammer. Thats the warning from the consumer watchdogs at Consumer Reports, who say scammers look for signs of existing installations, especially older-looking signs, then strike with one of two approaches:

  1. Fraudsters claiming to be remote access technicians from your security company tell you, they noticed glitches in your system and they want to repair it. You let them in and they tamper with your system so they can return and burglarize your house.
  1. Scammers claim your company has gone out of business and theyve taken over their accounts. They “examine” your system and convince you to buy new equipment. They take your money and are never heard from again.

The fact is that legitimate home security system companies never simply send a repairman unannounced to your door. Even if they telephone first, call them back to confirm. Similarly, if your monitoring company had gone out of business, you would have been notified by mail, not by telephone and certainly not by someone simply showing up.

Security experts say you can protect against these scams by taking the following steps:

  • Get references. Ask any salesperson for names of previous customers, especially in your neighborhood, whom you can check with for legitimacy.
  • Do a background check. Demand information about the contractors license: the number, state of registration, etc. Check them out before taking any action.
  • Get it in writing. Insist that estimates for service or equipment be in writing, specifying who will install it, how it will be maintained and the cost”and pay by credit card, not with cash.
  • Read the contract. Ensure that everything youve agreed to is written into the contract. Check the small print for any monitoring fees or terms you did not agree to.

Most importantly, remember that the FTCs cooling-off rule gives you three business days to cancel the deal if you sign the contract at home. You do not have to give a reason and you can change your mind even if the equipment has already been installed.

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5 Tips to Upgrade Your Garage

Heres how to revamp your garage to take your home to the next level.

Start With the Floors

Porcelain tile is the perfect surface as it combines an elegant appearance with durability.

Look to the Lights

If you want to really show off your cars, quality lighting is essential.

Lift it up

A car lift is an exciting way to, quite literally, take your parking situation to new heights.

Doors Matter

Matching your garage doors to your homes architectural style creates a cohesive design.

Take it for a Spin

When you truly want to take the leap from garage to showroom, a car turntable is the way to do it.

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Move Over Pink and Blue: Neutral Colors for Baby's Room

Are you planning a nursery for a babe-on-the-way? Whether you’re waiting to learn the baby’s gender, or are hoping to choose a more neutral color than the typical blue and pink, consider the following options:

Gray. This is an extremely versatile color; the shade options are endless and it matches with just about everything. Additionally, gray is a soft, peaceful color, so you’ll be bringing tranquility into your baby’s life from day one.

Seafoam green. Gentle and mild, this neutral color is both fun and soothing.

Orange. While an entirely orange room may be overkill, choosing a neutral white or gray with bright coral accents or a single tangerine wall is lively and fun.

Navy. While technically in the blue family, this deep rich color doesn’t scream “boy” like a powdery baby blue. Offset it with yellow or orange accents.

Beige. Don’t think ‘brown’ when you hear beige. This soft, buttery color is calm, neutral and pairs well with bright yellows and oranges.

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