Exceptions to Every Rule

There are exceptions to every rule, even in real estate. What do most people do when they start to consider putting their home on the market? Well it depends on why they need to move. Many people are debating whether or not they want to upsize or downsize, maybe move closer to work, or better schools. Since these potential sellers do not have an immediate time frame in mind, they have more time to troll the internet looking at sales in their neighborhood or ask around for referrals from friends.

The next step they usually make is to set up an appointment with an agent to determine the price of their home and the overall climate of the market in the area. Most agents will then present the potential sellers with their listing presentation that will include sample marketing materials and recent comparable sales in the neighborhood. They will then base the price of the subject property on those sales. This is pretty much standard operating procedure for most Realtors doing a listing presentation. A real estate appraiser uses roughly the same approach to assess a property’s value for the bank once its goes under contract, so it makes sense to approach pricing a property from the same perspective.  Most of the time, that is…

Here is where the exception comes in. What do you do when a neighborhood/market is in a upswing? How would a neighborhood ever see an increase in value if we just label everything with the same pen? There are properties out there that truly exceed the norm and many of their desirable features don’t have an exact price tag that can be put on them. So what do you do when your property is truly exceptional? How do you command that premium that your property deserves? You find a real estate professional who truly sees your property’s value. Your agent and the marketing that they do is the first impression that most people get when looking at your property. Since the majority of people start their property search on the internet, they see your agent’s website, profile, and marketing abilities right away and those become a reflection of your property. If your agent doesn’t see the extra value in your home and adjust their marketing perspective to showcase those added features, you will never get a buyer to pay for them.

Many times over the course of the last several years, we have made top of the market sales in every size category of home – from large lake front estates to smaller bungalows. What is the key to our success? One word, Focus. We focus our attention on marketing every single listing to play up its strengths and generate top dollar for our clients. Not all properties are cut from the same cloth, so to speak.  We take the time to cultivate a different marketing plan for each listing we represent, and we see it through from the first photograph we take to the closing table.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, we would love to talk to you.  For more information on what you can expect as one of our clients, click here.  Also see some testimonials from our clients.