Dreaming of a new home? There’s no doubt that the climbing mortgage rates have changed buyers affordability in the housing market. But by making small changes, exploring different financing options, looking for grants, AND of course… by working with a knowledgable and reliable local Realtor, your dream home CAN become a reality.

Our teams top priority is making sure that you as a buyer know ALL of your options, and that you make a decision based on what is best on your needs. Anytime is a good time to buy a home as long as it’s the best time for YOU. If you feel confident on your ability to purchase a home at a given point in time, with its coinciding circumstances (i.e. high rates, low rates, sellers or buyers market and so forth), then yes – it’s a great time to buy! With this in mind, if you’re ready to start your home search or if you have any questions- give our team a call. We’d love to talk about the Real Estate market with you! . . . BEST REALTORS BETHANY BEACH!

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