LOCAL LOVE: Drifting Grounds

Located in Ocean View off of Atlantic Avenue, you’ll find some of the best coffee around! Drifting Grounds Coffee House doesn’t just offer coffee, they also feature an array of specialty items from delicious espressos, lattes (the chai latte is a MUST), drip coffee, cold brews, baked goods and so much more!

Their indoor building offers a unique atmosphere that is warm, and beyond friendly. There are numerous places to sit – outside seating of course is welcomed during warm weather – and inside, you can sit and sip among books and some delicious smells that linger from the kitchen! Drifting Grounds also connects with other stores, one being a remarkable toy store called Yesterdays Fun! You can sip and shop, all at once! Make sure you stop by for your cup of morning (or afternoon) energy at Drifting Grounds, and spread some Local Love!

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