Frequently Asked Questions with Ashley! Episode 01: What are some home improvements that you can make to increase your property value?

1. Curb appeal, Curb appeal, Curb appeal! It’s always a wise idea to make sure that the landscaping is spruced up, the home is well- manicured and attractive to the eye from the outside. 

2. Make a great first impression! Have the lawn clear, along with the sidewalks! If you have a front porch or entrance space, it’s always best to make it look as tidy and presentable as possible, to help your potential buyer envision what your property would feel like to come home to.

3. Kitchen! Many people enjoy entertaining, and spend a lot of time with family and friends in the kitchen. This makes it a very important space!

4. Bathrooms. An updated bathroom is absolutely a bonus! Storage space for toiletries, towels and so forth, are always a valuable update to any bath area.

Updated Bath

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