Buyers, hear us out…. all of the waiting, worrying, trying to predict the market and holding off when it comes to home buying could be hurting you far more than it’s helping you.

We have to get our mindset out of being stuck on the low 2.99% interest rates…. because that was a historically low rarity. Does it stink that you could have gotten a 3% interest rate last year? Sure, but you can always date the rate, and refinance later – as long as at the end of the day, you find a property that caters to YOUR budget, and needs!

We are still seeing low inventory, which means that the earlier you start looking at homes, the better off you’ll be! This will allow you to really dive deep into your likes and dislikes – ultimately guiding you to your dream home! By waiting for the “perfect” scenario, you could potentially miss out on a home that checks off all of your boxes!

If you’d like to chat about the market and possible home buying opportunities, give our team a call!

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