Crazy is right!

Let’s talk Zestimates! A “Zestimate” is an estimated price that is curated from data that Zillow collects! This can include things such as the previous sales price of a home, what all the homes in the county previously sold for, county tax collector’s assessed values, and info like home features entered by the homeowner on Zillow’s website. Like any automated method, the data can be highly flawed… or even irrelevant! Which is why solely depending on a computer generated system, might not be the best way to go.

What does our team do? Well, we create a thorough evaluation called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). We take the square footage of your home, look at your upgrades, location, and every detailed aspect that contributes to your home. Then, we compare your property to the properties that have sold in your area, the properties that are actively on the market, and the properties that are pending. After reviewing the entirety of your homes aspects and researching comparable properties – we finally come up with what we feel is a good- most importantly, accurate- listing price for your home! Ready for your very own, personalized CMA? Call our team and let’s get started

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