Q2 Market Report: Santa Clara County

With stock markets surging and federal interest rates at a steady low, the housing market has bounced back! Though this quarter’s surge in home prices and sale volumes isn’t as hot as peak housing demand a couple years ago, Santa Clara’s housing market is looking up for sellers.

Q2 performed significantly better than Q1 in terms of median home sale prices, coming in this spring at $1,335,000 from last quarter’s $1,215,000. Since 2016, the market has seen a major uptick in home price trends, with seasonal fluctuations as usual (spring tends to perform best).

Luxury home sales followed a similar, though more stable, trend. Again, spring (Q2) routinely performs best. At Boyenga Team, luxury homes priced over $3,000,000 make up roughly a fifth of our sales, though we’re expecting listings to shift heavily into the luxury market in the coming year.

Here’s a bigger-scale breakdown showing home price trends in Santa Clara County over the last two decades. The market rebounded slowly after the 2008 crash, but has seen a sharp incline since 2012 with predictable seasonal fluctuations and especially sharp changes in the last couple of years. Average home prices now are nearly 7 times more than they were just twenty years ago.

Most properties sold were single-family homes with 3-5 bedrooms, making up more than 2/3 of all home sales in the last 12 months. Over half of these sales were in San Jose alone, indicating fast turnover and a strong market on both sides in the city.

Average Days on Market is a tough trend to figure out, but seasonal fluctuations once again play a role — spring tends to be a hot seller’s market, when listings stay up for significantly fewer days than other seasons. Longer periods spent on the market might be indicative of a longer-term consumer behavior trend, but can also be attributed to rising property prices in general.

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