3 Fast Fixes To Maximize Your A/C Efficiency

One way to save money is to make sure all of your appliances are running efficiently, especially your big-ticket items like your A/C unit and furnace. Here are 3 reminders to keep your A/C unit running as efficiently as possible; two things that you can do at home and one step that will need an HVAC professional to complete.

First, it’s more important to change the furnace filter in the summer than in the winter. It sounds opposite to what you might think. A/C units can’t function without free airflow going across the furnace. Both the A/C and furnace use the same airflow, therefore, they are connected when trying to keep your house cool in the hot summer months. The A/C system depends more on free airflow than your furnace.

Change the furnace filter frequently (possibly 3 or more times) during the air conditioning season. You might think the A/C filter, but the furnace filter contributes to the quality of airflow your A/C system will have. Your A/C system will function very inefficiently with dirty furnace filters. New filters are way cheaper than sky-high electric bills.

Changing a folded dirty air filter in the HVAC furnace system in basement of home.

Secondly, go outside to your A/C unit and make sure you clear away all the flowers, weeds, and tall grass from around the unit itself. The same principle stated above applies; you want to make sure your A/C unit is clean and clear for quality airflow.

Finally, an HVAC professional should come to check the refrigerant level of your A/C unit. It is typically recommended to have your A/C unit checked 1x per year. If the level is low, you are paying extra money for your unit to run! Additionally, the professional will clean the coil to run efficiently all summer, especially during that big heatwave!

Air Conditioning Repair, repairman on the floor fixing air conditioning system

If you follow these 3 easy steps each year, your system will be as efficient as possible. Maintaining your A/C unit and furnace will end up saving you money. You won’t be paying outrageous bills for the energy you are not using! Also, if you take steps to clean out your system each year, it will extend the life of your unit.

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