Simple Tips to Keep Appliances Efficient

Save Money! Keep Your Appliances Efficient Year Round.

The more efficient your appliances are, the more money you will save! Here are a few easy tips to help keep your appliances efficient. Use these easy tricks to maintain and extend the life of your refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave. Simple maintenance can keep appliances running smoothly.


Clean the compressor and coil at least once a year to keep your refrigerator operating at its best. Food will stay at the correct temperature better if the compressor and coil are clean. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and remove the grill at the floor in front. To clean the coil, you will need to blow the dust off of the coil.

*Helpful Tip – Take an old wet towel and put it in front of the fridge by the coil. Then, blow air from the back of the refrigerator to the front and the wet towel will catch all of the dust – instead of blowing it all over your kitchen!

Cleaning out the coils will help your refrigerator’s efficiency leading to saving you money on your electric bill.

Keep in mind: the absolute coldest place in the refrigerator is the bottom shelf. It’s not a great place to keep fruits and veggies. It’s best to keep meats on the bottom shelf and put your fruits and veggies in the middle or on the top shelf.


Is your dishwasher starting to smell? This is a sign that it could be time to clean it out! It’s important to keep your dishwasher clean so that it can run at maximum efficiency! There is a filter on the bottom of your dishwasher, clean it out weekly to avoid leftover food. Over time, the filter might fail, which leaves food in the grinder. To keep your dishwasher running efficiently, you need to make sure you are cleaning out the filter and the debris regularly.

Here is a simple tip to keep your appliance running efficiently. Running your dishwasher through a hot cycle with a cup of vinegar in a dishwasher safe cup on the top rack is a good way to get rid of the odor and buildup in your dishwasher. Next, run it a second time after sprinkling baking soda to the bottom to help disinfect and freshen up your dishwasher. Jet Dry also tends to work well in dishwashers.

Helpful Tip: Run full loads of dishes but not too tightly packed.


If you are looking to save money on your electric bills, here is a simple tip to keep your microwave efficient! Clean the inside, top part of the microwave regularly with soap and water. Clean the vents on either side of the microwave. Don’t block the vents! Vents are important so the microwave can exhaust air properly.

Important Tip: Make sure your microwave is plugged into a dedicated circuit because of its wattage.

Keeping your appliances running efficiently can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run! These are simple tricks to keep your appliances running efficiently. Use these tricks to extend the life of your kitchen appliances and consult a professional for additional repairs or replacements!

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