Elderpreneurs Check it out

May 2012 will bring the first Elderpreneur Award to the our area in Northwestern Vermont and the Champlain Valley.  What is the Elderpreneur Award you ask – check out their awesome website! We are proud sponsors of this Event, and encourage you to participate, and nominate if you like.

Conroy and Company brings our years of experience in the area’s real estate market to our clients, and more and more, that means working with people over age 50 transitioning to a new phase of life. Downsizing, right-sizing, investments in second homes or condos, and more – once over 50, there is a new set of housing and real estate choices to think about.  It’s exciting, as is much about this time of life.  MySilverPages.org and their staff are a natural fit for us – and may hold some interest for you.  Their Housing Pages may provoke some thought and discussion.  Check them out.

Let us know what you think about MySilverPges.org, the Elderpreneur Award and their new business idea.  You can check out other content here and read a little about the founders and their vision.