June 28, 2013-The Impact of Price Reduction


Know the Research!


Many Sellers start out with a price point higher than the market will support.  Inevitably when the property stays on the market for too long there is talk of price reduction. Eventually the price may drop to the point of being in alignment with the market. So of the course of months the sellers have arrived at the price which was originally suggested by a comparative market analysis.   When this happens does it impact the marketing and sale of a house in a negative way?  While there are many opinions on the matter there has recently been a scientific investigation on the subject by  John R. Knight. Unfortunately,  the results of Professor Knight’s research are not well known.

The research indicates that, Sellers wanting to fetch a high (inflated) price will stay on the market longer and will eventually sell for less. This indicates more work, more time and energy wasted for Brokers/Agents- and more frustration for Sellers! This is why Conroy and Company takes great care in knowing our market and producing a detailed analysis of the market and the proper price for your property.

Getting the your property on the market at the right price is best for all involved!


June 26, 2013- Our New Office gets a Designer's touch

dawna-jones-interior-designWe’ve taken on an AWESOME  new office space!  We were thrilled to have the space, but found that we were unable to decide on a color pallet to make the most of the rooms true assets…the over-sized windows with spectacular views. So we did what one does when overwhelmed with options…we turned to a professional for guidance.

West Coast Designer Dawna Jones rose to the challenge of long distance decorating.  Dawna  is skilled in color consultation and offers this service to both local and long distance clients.  A glance at our before photo had Dawna tempting us to go with a dark wall color. ” Make it about that view, not the office!”, Dawna proclaimed. Suggesting a pallet of grey blues she steered us toward the dramatic look we wanted.

We settled on Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. The result is rich navy walls  which frame the stellar views like works of art. We are delighted! The look is so stunning that a number of folks around the office asked for the name of the shade and want to use it in their own homes. Thanks so much for your designer’s eye Dawna! We can’t wait to get to work in this beautiful new space!

hale navy

P.S. For more of Dawna’s work tour her Home in B.C. Canada




June 25,2013- Gear up for a Great 3rd of July Celebration!

3rd of JulyCheck out the BIGGEST PARTY in Burlington!  We Burlingtonites know how to have a good time and we embrace independence. It is this combination that makes for the city’s bash each 3rd of July a mega success.  This year you’ll enjoy face painting, music, an obstacle course, airshow, fireworks and so much more!  For more info on programming  shuttle, train, parking etc. click the file below:

July 3rd Program 2013


June 24, 2013-Vegetarian Restaurant to Open in Burlington!!!

LaunGalaxyRollBurlington is awaiting the arrival of a brand new Vegetarian Restaurant! Revolution Kitchen will open the doors at  9 Center Street  mid-July. Believe it or not this will be the Queen City’s very first all Vegetarian Restaurant! Herbivores and omnivores alike can find something delicious on the menu.  This is not the first rodeo for owners Debra & Peter Maisel. For 17-years they have owned and operated Luna 61, in Tivoli, N.Y. and Conroy and Company is extra excited to have had a hand in their relocation to Burlington Vermont.  Read more on this exciting two-some and their coming attraction in this great Seven Days article .


gardenpinterestThe Sun is shining today and we are hungry for the great outdoors! One wonderful thing about living in the Northeast is that  great woodland gardens that blend in so naturally to the landscape. There are many great ideas for creating your own special outdoor space on our PINTEREST page. Have a look and see where your inner landscape takes you! garden

June 18,2013-Garden Conservancy: Lake Champlain Region Open Days Tour

blogSaturday and  Sunday, June 22–23, 10AM – 4PM at The Hidden Garden’s Bed & Breakfast in Hinesburg. $5 per garden; free for children ages 12 and under. Enjoy nature and nurture during a self-guided tour of private gardens in Charlotte and Hinesburg.  Be inspired by these feats of flora art  featuring exquisitely manicured flowers, shrubs, herbs, fruit trees and more.

June 17, 2013-Echo's Bigger than a T-Rex Exhibit!

trex_homeMeet Giganotosaurus  who at 45 feet long, measured  5 ft longer and 3 tons heavier than the largest known T. Rex.  Compare the skulls of Mapusaurus, Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, Deinonychus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. View a diorama  including two full Dino-skeletons.  Experience a Velociraptor skeleton and robot ! Observe four  latex models used in Jurassic Park I and II!  All without leaving the Queen City! Enjoy this fabulous traveling exhibit now through Sept 2 at Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center.