Custom Homes in Chittenden County Vermont!

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Site Prep

Pictured above is the exciting first stage of transformation of one of our  New Build packages. This site is currently under construction in the Chittenden County area- and we just love to check in and see what is going on along the way.  The process of a piece of land that we’ve listed becoming a home is one we adore. We love participating in bring dreams into reality.

Have you always dreamed of owning  a CUSTOM home in Chittenden County Vermont? New builds are a very popular choice and need not only be a dream. Vermont home builders have been hard at work in recent years to create new homes that are energy efficient, beautifully designed and excel in build quality.

Check out the Land and New Build Packages for sale in Chittenden County Vermont. If  you are searching for a New Build Home, you’ll see all the possibilities here. We have great connections and can help you further understand your options. As always, feel free to reach out 802.863.9100

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Construction is Under Way on this NEW HOME
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A Great Site for a Dream to become Reality!


A few words from our Clients!

thank-you-embellishmentThe Real Estate business is more than just dollars and cents. Our business exists because people trust us. Many of our clients refer  us to family and friends. We are grateful to be recognized for outstanding service and honored that every so often folks take the time to put that recognition in writing. Here are a couple of our most recent words of thanks from our clients.
Debbie-Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for all your hard work in helping us find a home.  You’ve done an outstanding job and I’m extremely impressed.  I’m so happy that we ended up with you!  Hopefully the bank will accept our offer for the rock house … and if not, I can’t wait to see what else we can find!

Thanks again!
Mark K 
Dave Kleh did an exceptional job showing us many houses in many towns. Dave is very knowledgeable about the real estate market and the towns in Chittenden County. We highly recommend Dave to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.-Brendan and Liz

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For more Vermont necklaces check out our Pinterest Vermont Necklaces board. For those of you looking to buy or sell Real Estate in the Burlington Area give us a call at 802.863.9100. We are happy to help our fellow Vermonters and  future Vermonters with all their Real Estate needs.




What does our Team have in common with John Lennon?


John Lennon loved the #9 and we do too! We are proud to be the #9 Keller Williams Realty team in the New England Region for the month of August! It is our amazing agents that are out there every day rain or shine showing houses and listing properties that make all the difference. We are thrilled to have such involvement in shaping the communities we live in through bring neighbors HOME. We also love bringing folks to the next leg of their journey by SELLING their property.

We do what it takes to get the job done and make certain that the interests of our clients are always protected. Interested in buying or selling property? Give us a call at 802.863.9100 we will work with you to bring your dreams into reality!

Sunday 9/22 1-3pm-Open House at 79 Overlake Drive, Milton VT

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Join Buyer’s agent Dave Kleh at our Open House this Sunday. Dave will be on hand to tell you all about the area and answer any questions you may have about 79 Overlake, Milton VT.

Fresh paint in some interior rooms! Marvelous deck with hot tub overlooks the large private fenced in yard with shed. Desirable neighborhood in great location. Finished basement offers extra space. Master with full bath and walk-in closet. First floor laundry. A little effort here will show great returns!


Happy Friday the 13th


A few interesting notes about the 13…

  • 13 is the number of revolutions the moon makes around the earth in a year.
  • 13 was the number of regeneration for pre-Columbian Mexicans.
  • The seals on the back of a dollar bill include 13 steps on the pyramid, 13 stars above the eagle’s head, 13 war arrows in the eagle’s claw and 13 leaves on the olive branch.

Doesn’t seem so bad now does it?


Think you'll need to wait till Spring to put your home on the market? Think again!


True many homes are listed in the Spring, but there are some serious reasons why RIGHT NOW may be the best time to SELL a HOME!

Quality or Quantity
You want tons of people tromping through your property? Nah…you want the RIGHT people viewing your home. Many shoppers (and window shoppers) are out in the spring. But who will brave the chilly temps to see a home-SERIOUS BUYERS!

Less is MORE 
Many folks think that spring is the one and only time to market their home and thus they don’t put their home on the market in the “off ” season. In our market there is going to be limited inventory for buyers to choose from.  Which means less competition for your home.

Shorter Checkout lines
The length of time it takes from contract to closing gets longer the more transactions that are out there. Contractors can be booked solid in the spring/summer and  some needed repairs can take much longer. Not to mention the banker who are buried in paperwork for  both purchase and refinancing loan requests.  With less transactions your needs get met faster, this can save your both time and  frustration.

It’s just time for you to get what you want out of life!
You may be looking to sell for a number of reasons. But putting it off won’t make the need go away. You want to get on with the next chapter of your life and we can help you do just that. Please call 802.863.9100 for a free Market Analysis of your property and we will get you heading toward your future!

Condo vs. House-Which is right for you?

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The allure of easy home ownership has many would be homebuyers asking themselves, “Is condo ownership right for me?”  To help make that decision clearer we’ve created a Pro and Con list of Condo Ownership. As always we welcome your comments.


Location: Often condominiums are available in prime downtown locations.

Security: Close by neighbors makes for peace of mind when you need to head out of town for an extended period of time. Great for the second homeowner.

Low maintenance: Let someone else do the heavy lifting (i.e. mowing and shoveling). That means your free time is really your time!

Affordability: You can find a condo at any price point, but the lower range is often within the budget of many who would not find single-family homes affordable.

Amenities: Many condos have access to a swimming pool, gym or tennis courts adding value to the purchase price.

Condominium association: Condo associations enforce bylaws, handle maintenance and repair issues, and deal with disputes with developers or between unit owners.


Limited Ownership: You only own “the paint on the walls”…not the walls themselves.When you buy a condo, you do not own the land or the structure, rather you share an interest in it.

Fees: There are most often monthly fees which will continue for as long as you own the property, even when the mortgage has been paid off.

Resale: Condos are typically more sensitive to market trends than single-family homes. If the real estate market takes a downturn, they are usually the first to suffer and the last to recover.

Rules: Condo owners have to adhere to the rules that are put forth by the association regarding use of common areas and pet ownership etc.

Condominium association: Condo associations are made up of homeowners rather than professionals. This can mean the association may be weak and inefficient. Also, renovations and rentals are subject to approval from the condo association