Do you want to SELL? Home needed in Winooski or Burlington, maybe So. Burlington

802We have a client in a time sensitive home search. This is a shout out to the Burlington Vermont Area for some help. Do you want to Sell? Does your home match these needs? If so call us at 802.863.9100 today!

Price: Under 400K
Location: downtown Winooski or Burlington, might consider some areas in So Burlington
Type: Condo, flat (two-story may work if the stairway is conducive to installing a lift)
Size: 1500 SF +/-
Description: 2-bed, 2-bath, must have master with attached bath
Parking: Must have attached covered parking.  Parking garage with elevator service, or an attached two-car garage.
Accessibility:  Fully accessible ADA home would be nice, but is not required.  The buyer is willing to take on some work to make it accessible (widening doorways, installing a lift, etc), but doesn’t have the money for major modifications.
Top choices:  Cascades in Winooski and Commodore Point on North Ave in Burlington

Properties We Need in the Burlington VT Area…

dreamhouse_495Home and Owner match making is what we do best. Every once in awhile we need a bit of help finding that missing property. Today we are putting out the word that we have BUYERS ready to purchase their dream home in the Burlington Area. Here are some of the homes we are currently searching for. Is your home on this list?

  • Richmond village (village = ideal) 2+br condo with community garden a+, garage/carport a+, partially finished basement
  • Essex/Colchester/Jericho/Underhill/Hinesburg- open concept Cape, 3br, 2 ba, <$300K
  • Burlington 2+br 1000 sq. ft. condo <$200K
  • Burlington 3+br condo <$600K with 2 car garage, preferably on the lake (but not a deal breaker)
  • Burlington 3+br sfh <$375K, 5 sisters ideally, hill & elsewhere in South End ok
  • 2+ bedroom SFH or townhouse in association like Brennan Woods in Williston with master BR & laundry on first floor. Open to other locations.
  • Condo in the downtown Burlington area under $275,000

If you are thinking of selling your Burlington, VT Area Home we can help. We have serious buyers that are ready to go NOW!
Call Leanne, our Listing Specialist today 802.863.9100


What difference does a 1% lower interest rate make in a mortgage payment?

Real estateLet’s look at the numbers for a  $200,000 home in the Burlington Vermont Area. Assume your taxes are about 1.2% of the purchase price -$2,400/year & your insurance is about 0.5% of your purchase price (about $600/year).  This may be a bit low, but you will see the difference clearly in the example.  An  FHA loan with the minimum 3.5% down at 4.75% for a 30 year fixed mortgage,  PITI would be $1,446 per month.If rates went up to 5.75%, your PITI would be $1,567 per month.

That’s over $121 per month savings. That means you can purchase about $24,000 more house for about the same payment!

"Public Ivy" in Burlington VT!

UVM1For those of us who call Burlington Vermont Home the great colleges here are no secret.  The student population makes quite a POP in the city population. We notice the change in traffic patterns in the fall during move-in weekend. In spring, we see families out celebrating graduations at Church Street restaurants.   This article from the Atlantic gives a fresh perspective on our local colleges, Saint Michael’s College , The University of Vermont and Champlain College, and their ties to the character of  Burlington Vermont. Below is an expert from John Tierney’s full article which poses an interesting question…

There’s an intriguing chicken-or-egg kind of question that emerges when you look closely at Burlington and its colleges: is the distinctive character of this small city a consequence of the college’s presence and contributions, or is there something intrinsic and native to the city and its residents (an earthy, Bohemian temperament?) that imparts to the colleges their special flavor? People smarter than I might be able to answer that. I can’t. But even I can see that there is a remarkable symbiosis that enriches the city and its colleges and infuses both with a strong sense of community (about which Jim will be writing more soon). The dominant values of the townsfolk give the colleges a special vibe that gets magnified on campus and then shot back out through the larger community in various ways. READ MORE



Silicon Valley in Vermont?



Is Burlington the Next TECH CENTER?

Great to see Burlington getting national press on the growth we are experiencing. Author James Fallows has been flying to and fro our city lately and seems to hold a special affinity for Burlington. Read this awesome article on Burlington Vermont and the rising Tech Industry in the Queen City!


OCT 12, 2013-Burlington VT area Students to race their hand-built Longboats!

LCMM_wakefield_row_1_t670 (1)We love Burlington Vermont and Lake Champlain is a big reason why!  We also  love to encourage young boaters. If you feel the same be at the  Burlington Boat House on October 12th to cheer on these awesome local student racing their hand-built Longboats! The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum offers  incredible hands-on, innovative programming for youth; and this one is especially cool! MORE INFO

Considering a LongTerm Real Estate Relationship in the Burlington, VT Area? Read this review…

margo Sometimes it can take YEARS to find the RIGHT HOME. Our devoted Buyer’s Agent Margo Trotier is in it for the long haul! Below is a favorite letter from some of Margo’s loyal clients. Work with Margo and you’ll be in a result oriented relationship with a ton of support along the way!

In 2011, Margo Trotter found us the condo that we now live in and love.

Our search for a condo in this area to use for our eventual retirement home began several years earlier. We had decided, after vacationing in Vermont for one week every summer at Smugglers Notch, that Burlington had everything we wanted to support a high quality of life. At that point, we saw moving to Vermont as something quite a few years into the future.

Beginning in 2009 Margo went out with us to see the condos that from their descriptions looked interesting. It impresses us to this day that she trusted that we were serious. Over those years, we saw nearly every condo development in Burlington and South Burlington. Eventually we saw a two bedroom at Northshore. The view sold itself, but we were not in a position to move quickly enough and we preferred a three bedroom.

Margo convinced us that the three bedrooms move VERY quickly and she suggested that we could buy when one we liked became available and rent it until we would be able to make the move from New Jersey to Vermont. We did the math and put ourselves in the position to make a cash offer. When there was a rumor that a three bedroom might be coming on the market, Margo sent a postcard mentioning that she had a likely buyer to every three bedroom condominium owner in the development. The result – a lovely condo – not yet on the market – with owners motivated to sell.

You could not want a more talented, committed realtor than Margo. We are proud to know such an exceptional, wonderful person.

-Happy Home Buyers!

Is Condo Ownership is Right for You?

CLICK TO VIEW- Our Latest listing, 75 Fairmont Place, Burlington VT

The allure of easy home ownership has many would be homebuyers asking themselves, “Is condo ownership right for me?”  To help make that decision clearer we’ve created a Pro and Con list of Condo Ownership. As always, we welcome your comments.

Location: Often condominiums are available in prime downtown locations.

Security: Close by neighbors makes for peace of mind when you need to head out of town for an extended period of time. Great for the second homeowner.

Low maintenance: Let someone else do the heavy lifting (i.e. mowing and shoveling). That means your free time is really your time!

Affordability: You can find a condo at any price point, but the lower range is often within the budget of many who would not find single-family homes affordable.

Amenities: Many condos have access to a swimming pool, gym or tennis courts adding value to the purchase price.

Condominium association: Condo associations enforce bylaws, handle maintenance and repair issues, and deal with disputes with developers or between unit owners.

Limited Ownership: You only own “the paint on the walls”…not the walls themselves. When you buy a condo, you do not own the land or the structure, rather you share an interest in it.

Fees: There are most often monthly fees which will continue for as long as you own the property, even when the mortgage has been paid off.

Resale: Condos are typically more sensitive to market trends than single-family homes. If the real estate market takes a downturn, they are usually the first to suffer and the last to recover.

Rules: Condo owners have to adhere to the rules that are put forth by the association regarding use of common areas and pet ownership etc.

Condominium association: Condo associations are made up of homeowners rather than professionals. This can mean the association may be weak and inefficient. Also, renovations and rentals are subject to approval from the condo association.