What difference does a 1% lower interest rate make in a mortgage payment?

Real estateLet’s look at the numbers for a  $200,000 home in the Burlington Vermont Area. Assume your taxes are about 1.2% of the purchase price -$2,400/year & your insurance is about 0.5% of your purchase price (about $600/year).  This may be a bit low, but you will see the difference clearly in the example.  An  FHA loan with the minimum 3.5% down at 4.75% for a 30 year fixed mortgage,  PITI would be $1,446 per month.If rates went up to 5.75%, your PITI would be $1,567 per month.

That’s over $121 per month savings. That means you can purchase about $24,000 more house for about the same payment!

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