New Construction Marvels in Jericho, VT

steeple4When I first met Brian and Freddie – homeowners in Jericho –  several years ago, we talked about various options to sell their home and undeveloped 10 acres on Steeplebush Road in Jericho.  Their home sat on top of the hill, and commanded a 270 degree plus view from Lake Champlain’s Islands around to the south and over to Mount Mansfield to the east.  Spectacular doesn’t convey the setting completely  – add serene, sublime, awe inspiring, and more.

Well, the home sold of course, along with about 7 of those hilltop acres, leaving us with a 3 acre parcel coming up the hill.  Brian and I had walked that land, and I knew that with the right new build package sited well, someone with a little vision would be smart enough to go for it – and lucky to be there when complete.  Western views through a thin tree line bring fantastic sunsets, and in the winter, the view east brings the top of Mansfield into view.steeple2

So I visited the site today, as we get closer to final construction to get a peak at how the vision is shaping up.  Thanks to our builder and his crews, they should get the new owner in before the New Year. And on a day like today, when the snow covered ridgeline of Mansfield dominates the view on the drive out Route 15, it gives me a warm feeling to have been involved in the project on Steeplebush – and have met such outstanding folks along the way.steeple6

If you have questions about how your dreams might be realized with a build package, check out this link to every new build project available in Chittenden County today.

And if you have a piece of land you’d like to talk about turning into someone’s home – let’s talk!


Conroy & Company's Day Off………a Food Story at The Kitchen At The Store!


Every so often, we like to do something together  as a Team that’s not Real Estate related in any way.  That was this past Wednesday, and a blast was had by all in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Mike, our founder and CEO loves to cook and has been learning his hobby for years by, among other routes, spending time with all the TV shows – starting way back when Emeril was the big new thing. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Top Chef, Chopped, even reruns of the Galloping Gourmet a few years ago all add up to some hours absorbing the lessons of the masters. Why didn’t we do something ‘foodie’ related.

So the 2014 Team Building/Afternoon Off Idea was hatched – How about a Vermont cooking experience with a Master Chef, learning, practicing new skills, and eating!  After some time on the web searching, The Kitchen at The Store was chosen.  A call to Kathy at the Store, some business transacted and voila, a Team Event was concocted.  5 awesome recipes for appetizers were picked, and with Chef John’s expert direction, the Team prepared to spend a couple hours in their ‘working’ kitchen/classroom.


A couple photo’s from the afternoon are shared here.  The Kitchen at The Store is in Waitsfield village, and a landmark place of sorts, there since 1965.  It’s a pretty easy 45 minute drive from Burlington, and their offerings are fun, flexible and you are sure to have a great time.  With an awesome MC and chef extrodinaire, John Lumbra to keep things light, entertaining and informative, we laughed, chuckled, eat and drank our way to a fun Team building late Fall afternoon – and added a new reason to be thankful that we work with an awesome group of people, and that we get to do that in Vermont!

We highly recommend them, and if you ever have a question about the experience – just ask us!

Check them out here!