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living room 5
58 Snowflake Dr, Jericho VT


ext front
Now in MLS-105 Saratoga Ave, Burlington VT
36 Clover Lane, Burlington VT
Now in MLS-36 Clover Lane, Burlington VT
19 rustic (1)
Now in MLS-19 Rustic Drive, Essex VT


Now in MLS-5 Barber Terrace, South Burlington


NOW ON MLS-124 Rudgate Rd, Colchester VT
Now on MLS-11 Windridge Rd, Essex VT
NOW ON MLS-341 Irish Settlement Rd, Underhill, VT
NOW ON MLS-37 Colonial Square, Burlington VT
3353 Notch Rd, Bolton, VT

Burlington VT: For sale economical and just plain cool condo…

bed a 1
Bedroom view of the lake is dreamy…

There is so much to do in the Queencity.  Living here would make doing it all possible.

This 3 bedroom nest is perfect for those looking to live in the heart of things and still have a special place to call home. You’ll love the proximity to  restaurants, the South End Arts District, Colleges,  parks, and beautiful Lake Champlain. Bring your pets, garden in the common raised bed, and sit back on your porch and watch the sunset to the west.

Charming early 1900’s character, including a claw foot tub, gas woodstove heat, bamboo and pine flooring. Pet-friendly building, low condo fees, washer/dryer, and basement storage in a well maintained Association. Investors – can be rented and had a great rental history!

As an investment, you’ll have a hard time finding a better value in town. This could just be your genius move to owner occupy now (at sub 4% interest rates), then keep as your first rental property. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

living room 3 living room 2 kitchen 2 kitchen 1 hall 2 hall 1 ext rear view dining room 1

bed a 2 viewext front


BTV Mardi Gras 2015: C&C members strutting their stuff for a cause …

Every year at this time we get a little cabin fever. We can’t be alone because the turn out for Mardi Gras in downtown Burlington Vermont is always intense. No matter the temps the streets are lined with folks cheering on the parade participants and jumping for the beads and other swag thrown from the colorful floats. This year the beneficiary of the contest proceeds is The Vermont Foodbank.

Our team has a couple of brave souls ready to be chilled to the bone and have a great time doing it. Make sure to give us a wave if you are among the crowd!

To donate Click HERE

mardi gras
2014 Mardi Gras Float winners KW Vermont


What my search for my own home has taught me about real estate…

I’m not only the Marketing & Client Services Director…

I’m also a wanna be buyer.

living room 1
Professional photos make an impact

As you can imagine, I am always looking at real estate. I have every conceivable home search app on my phone, my ipad, and bookmarked on both laptop and desktop. I’m always in the know, but just lately I’ve also been on the prowl.

I am searching for a place to put down some roots in Chittenden County. Viewing homes here there and everywhere has become my Sunday morning ritual. My personal quest has put a new spin on my awareness of real estate and real estate marketing.

Online I look at photos first. If a property is compelling I move on to see the stats. If it holds my interest I read the blurbs on the listing. In this process I’ve been scoping out our competition. I can easily see the agents that have taken on the expense of hiring a professional photographer. Their listings stand out. Unfortunately (and sometimes embarrassingly) many Realtors fancy themselves photographers and take the dyi approach. Case in point somewhere on our MLS lurks a photo of a pile of boxes &  balloons in a corner. It sounds cool…almost arty right? Wrong, the camera was pointed at the floor like it was taken with by accident. Perhaps  it was uploaded by accident? Take a gander at these Chittenden County listings and you’ll see what I mean.  You will see the professional photos jump off the page. So thankful that we have an amazing photographer!

Offline the photos come to life. Upon crossing the threshold, I write my own story and I ended it when I see the uh-ohs. Every door presents a possibility a potential path for life to unfold upon. Home sellers please understand that you are telling a story and take measures. Hide your dirty laundry, worn out shoes, old toothbrushes, clean your front doors, shut the toilet seats, caulk the trim, and turn on all the lights. Tell your story the way you’d want to hear it.
So far all my home viewing stories have had endings and I am still searching for the one that continues after the viewing…