5 Reasons Why to Sell Your Home in the Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year to sell your home, and it even has some advantages to early spring. Here are some great reasons why you should considering sell your home while the market is hot during the “dog days of summer”.

1. Demand is Strong
There are a lot of qualified buyers looking during the summer months, and because of that, there are often multiple offers made on homes. Price your house well, during a peak summer month, in front of oodles of buyers, and you may very well have a bidding war on your house!

2. There is Less Competition for You
There is not enough inventory to satisfy all of the buyers who are looking for homes.

3. There is a Sense of Urgency
Because many buyers are on summer vacation with their children, and school starts late August or early September, there are a great deal of buyers who just want to get settled, or under contract, before school or all sports begin; before the hustle and bustle starts. Or before the holidays…

4. Longer Days & More Daylight in the Summer
Buyers have the ability to look at a lot more homes after work in the summer because they have a lot more daylight. During July, sunset isn’t until 8:30 p.m. whereas in December sunset around 4:30 p.m.

5. Curb Appeal is at its Peek
Summer is the best month to show off the lawn and your flower beds. Certainly in Vermont we’re fortunate to have four seasons, but you can’t showcase a beautiful yard when it’s buried under 2 feet of snow, or even worse… during “mud-season” in March and April.

If you have a pool, summer is the only time of the year to really highlight this asset of your home. Make sure to keep the water clean, balanced, and skimmed. For showings, make your back-yard look like an oasis with all the pool toys hidden. To freshen up your patio set, buy a couple outdoor patio pillows to add some color.

Curious if now is the time to sell your home? If you have any questions about buying and selling real estate contact Mike Conroy at 802-363-3356 or mike@conroyandcompany.com.

Conroy & Company is a Keller Williams Vermont team of Realtors located in South Burlington, Vermont. Our mission is to serve our clients with the highest level of personal commitment to helping them reach their goals. Our focus is to bring the latest technology and marketing skills to our clients, and do so in the most personal, hands on way possible. Our collaborative, strength in numbers approach to exceeding your expectations, has helped keep us in the top 2% of Vermont agents/teams ever since 2003.

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