The Year in Review – Greater Burlington Real Estate


It’s done, history, in the books.  In real estate in our Northwestern Vermont market, many were moved and many moved in!  We’ve attached the fabulous PDF for all 3 counties – Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle – for your reading pleasure.  2015Year-End-Market-Report.  Sure it’s pretty dry, statistical and all that, but there’s a good number of charts and graphs to visualize the deal.  Our Board of Realtors does an awesome job with this and we think you’ll appreciate the content and layout.

I’m not going to bore you with my analysis as there’s lots to ponder on your own. A couple key stats though:

Number of closings was up 11% overall, with Grand Isle county leading the gains at +15%.  South Burlington was the leader with 317 closed (up .6%), Essex next at 308 closed (up 15%) and Burlington 3rd with 298 closings (up 15%).

The town with the greatest % of new construction homes sold was Fairfax at 51% new builds, with Richmond next if you can believe that, at 48%!  Overall, new construction accounted for 20% of the total homes sold – that continues to be a trend we’ve seen growing for several years now.

And finally, prices continue to do what Vermont has been traditionally good at – increasing a modest amount over time.  Median prices went up 2% last year over 2014, and are now up 8% over 2011. There are markets in the U.S. that have seen steep price gains (again), and those that are lagging, but our corner of Vermont contiues to show that real estate is a solid long-term investment – and it’s an investment you get to live in at the same time!

The New Year is off to a flying start with our easy weather in November and December keeping the business rolling strongly to finish the year – that will bring strong closings to January for sure.   Conroy and Company finished with our strongest 4th quarter in history and know that our new year will keep us running!  If we don’t see some snow and snowstorms soon, we may have a much earlier beginning to the Spring season than ever and continued brisk sales. I’m ok with an easy winter for a change, but seriously – can we at least get a couple good snows in before the winter ends?

OK – dig in and enjoy.  We will be posting these every month as we go into 2016 for those of you that love this kind of thing (we certainly do).  And we will have every town’s stats available as well.  If you’d like any info on a particular town in the three county market for 2015 – drop us a line and we will dig it up and gladly send to you.

Download your 9 page report:


Think you'll need to wait till Spring to put your home on the market? Think again!


True many homes are listed in the Spring, but there are some serious reasons why RIGHT NOW may be the best time to SELL a HOME!

Quality or Quantity
You want tons of people tromping through your property? Nah…you want the RIGHT people viewing your home. Many shoppers (and window shoppers) are out in the spring. But who will brave the chilly temps to see a home-SERIOUS BUYERS!

Less is MORE 
Many folks think that spring is the one and only time to market their home and thus they don’t put their home on the market in the “off ” season. In our market there is going to be limited inventory for buyers to choose from.  Which means less competition for your home.

Shorter Checkout lines
The length of time it takes from contract to closing gets longer the more transactions that are out there. Contractors can be booked solid in the spring/summer and  some needed repairs can take much longer. Not to mention the banker who are buried in paperwork for  both purchase and refinancing loan requests.  With less transactions your needs get met faster, this can save your both time and  frustration.

It’s just time for you to get what you want out of life!
You may be looking to sell for a number of reasons. But putting it off won’t make the need go away. You want to get on with the next chapter of your life and we can help you do just that. Please call 802.863.9100 for a free Market Analysis of your property and we will get you heading toward your future!