Burlington's HOT rental market boosts sales of Multi-family Homes

main If you’ve been a renter in the Burlington area you know that the rental market is competitive. Rental applications can make you  feel as though you are applying to College. Even stellar credit doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in the door. The high cost of renting in the area is not in your imagination either.  Based on “Out of Reach 2013,” a report released by National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition Vermont is the 15th most expensive state in the country  for renters.

Perhaps this is why in the first Quarter of 2013 sales of multi-family homes jumped 27% across Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle counties. A 43% surge in multi-family sales in Chittenden County lead the way. This comes as no surprise to those who watch the Market. Burlington boosts a vacancy rate of 1.5% while the rest of the country averages 7.4%!

The good news here is that the Burlington area is a fantastic place to invest in a rental property. Though multi-family inventory is a little low there is still something out there for every type of investor. For traditional investor our listings in Burlington at 369 S. Winooski  and 392 St. Paul may fit the bill. For those looking for a great owner occupied situation our listing at 203 Main St. , Essex could work nicely.

Curious about the inventory? See all multi-family listings in the Burlington Area.

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