Congratulations Debbie Jensen for being this year's KW Cultural Ambassador!

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Debbie Jensen, is an amazing asset to our KW family. She moved to VT from AZ, where she was also a KW Associate. She is always at our cultural events offering complete participation. Debbie volunteers to bring a homemade dish to our potlucks and bbq’s as well as donates money for KW Cares. She was a huge help at RED Day, where she helped paint a house and planted flowers. She even created a candy cane Holiday Tree for KW Cares. Where associates were invited to take a candy cane and leave a donation in the pocket. It was a huge hit and very creative! Recently at our KW Cares Murder Mystery Night, Debbie arrived early to help set up and stayed late to clean up. Her efforts are so appreciated around the office as well as outside our walls we wanted to honor her! She is always quick with a smile or a joke and makes everyone’s day brighter!

Debbie is involved in our state board forms committee. She is a part of Bark for Life Chittenden County in Vermont. This is a dog walk to help raise money for dog cancer research. It is associated with The American Cancer Society. Debbie also participated in Kicks for the Cure by being a member of the KW kickball team, which took first place!

When Debbie lived in AZ she volunteered for the Arizona Women’s Golf Association as a Rules Official for state and college tournaments. She volunteered for Sunshine Acres Children’s Home in Mesa, where she raised money for the children to shop and shop with them before Christmas for themselves so that they would have clothes and a Christmas present.  She also gave generously throughout the year to the Children’s Home and when needed would volunteer to assist them. Debbie helped The Arizona Humane Society, where she gave food, time and money to rescue dogs!

When Debbie lived in Colorado, she volunteered with the Colorado Golf Association for 10 years as a Rules Official for state and college tournaments, served on the Board of Directors as the Public Affairs Chair, Vice President and then President. Debbie also volunteered to teach unemployed single mothers how to get back into the work place, which was through Business and Professional Women of Denver. Lastly, here too she was apart of the Humane Society of Denver, where she gave time, money and food to the animal shelters.

Debbie is also always involved with Wounded Warriors, American and Breast Cancer and Alzheimers Foundations.
Great job Debbie! We are so proud of you!