New vs. Used Homes

New Construction Benefits

  1. Create your home, your way: Nothing beats picking your favorite countertops, cabinets and appliances. Along with that, being able to decide how big your shower gets to be or choosing to have heated floors are just some of the bonus items you don’t usually find in a used house. By designing your own home, you get to reflect your own style rather than moving into an already styled home.
  2. Select the floor plan and layout to meet your family’s needs: Being able to select the perfect amounts of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage is a huge deal. You get to choose if you have an entertainment center, a full bar in your basement, or a jacuzzi tub in your bathroom. These are all things that might not be guaranteed with a used home.
  3. Builder Warranty for your new home: A used home is more likely to have older appliances that will eventually need to be replaced. Your new home, including the appliances inside, are brand new and under warranty. Expensive fixes such as the roof, furnace, and appliances can bring costs you didn’t expect when you initially purchased your home.
  4. Energy Efficiency and Savings: Today’s new homes are far more energy efficient than those that were built five to ten years ago. Many new homes offer high efficiency furnaces, an insulated foundation, and insulated vaulted ceilings to make sure that you don’t have to turn your heat up as high during the winter or crank the AC in the summer. All of these things can save you a substantial amount of money over time.
  5. State of the Art Ventilation and Air Quality: With allergies becoming more pronounced, air quality is becoming more important. Whole House Fresh Air Ventilation Systems in a new home make sure there are no drafts and offer a higher all-around air quality.
  6. Minimal Maintenance: Today’s homes are built with the newest and cutting-edge products making them more sustainable for a longer period of time. Because of this, they require less overall maintenance and care. The other bonus is that all of your appliances will be new and under warranty if there should be a problem within the span of the warranty.
  7. Development Amenities: More recently, homes in new developments have been built within associations that provide amenities like pools, a clubhouse, and walking paths. These items are very attractive to some buyers and many older neighborhoods do not have these same amenities.
  8. Full Design Freedom: By building new you will be able to choose what you want from the get-go, instead of buying a used home and changing all of the things you don’t like. Installing granite countertops, replacing windows, and adding insulation can all be expensive. So why not start off with everything you already want?
  9. Safety: State-of-the-Art electrical systems and other new specific product devices make newer homes much safer than used homes. There’s no possibility of lead based paint or asbestos, which is usually a common concern with a used home. This let’s you relax and find comfort in the fact that your home is as safe as possible.
  10. Excitement of a New Home: Buying a new home is similar to buying a new car. It has a new home smell and the overall excitement of seeing months of anticipation and planning finally coming together. Moving into someone else’s home can come with charm and nostalgia, but nothing beats moving into a house and seeing all of your dreams become a reality.

The Flipside of New Construction

  • Commutes may be longer, depending on where your development is located. Recently more and more subdivision have been going out in more rural parts of town.
  • New construction comes with new landscaping which means younger trees, growing sod, and young plants. Mature trees tend to help to provide shade in the summer, protect against wind, and block out noise at night.
  • Unless you are building a custom home, builders tend to pick layouts and finishes that appeal to a wide audience. This could cost some extra to add in some personal touches.
  • Waiting for your custom home to be completed can be difficult. It also provides the uncertainty as to when to put your current home on the market.

Resale Home Benefits

  • Long-standing neighborhoods may be able to protect your home value.
  • Most resale homes already come with window treatments, where new construction homes may not.
  • Resale homes tend to come with more mature trees and landscaping as opposed to baby trees and new landscaping with a new home.
  • Most resale homes have been recently remodeled which means you don’t have to go through the time and effort of remodeling your home until you want to.
  • Resale homes come with more character and charm than new construction homes. Looking back on the history of a 150 year old house can enchant some buyers.
  • Prices are more easily negotiable with a resale home. With new construction, there is very little wiggle room for negotiation.

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