Tips and Tricks of Curb Appeal

What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street. It is the first and last impressions that people will have on your home.

Curb appeal tips:

  1. Replace Old Hardware– Replacing things such as house numbers, entry door locksets, mailboxes, and light fixtures can instantly add value to your home’s curb appeal. You should try to have all of these pieces function accordingly with each other rather than having mix-matched hardware. Remember to match your style of home with the hardware you replace.
  2. Install Outdoor Lighting-Try installing solar lights within walkways to provide extra safety and security. It can also add lighting to the overall landscape and house.
  3. Update Landscaping-Just simply pulling weeds out of flower beds, planting flowers, and adding new mulch can add a lot of value to your home’s curb appeal.
  4. Add Window Planters-This is a simple way to add color to your exterior.
  5. Add Outdoor Art-Adding outdoor art is something that can make your home memorable, while adding a little spunk and curb appeal. Choose elements such as birdbaths, metal cutouts sculptures, and wind chimes that complement your home.
  6. Replace Gutters and Downspouts-If your gutters need to be freshened up, a simple gutter and downspout cleaning may be just what you need. You can also consider replacing your old gutter systems. Newer systems have easy installation and can match the exterior of the house. Snap-fit vinyl is easy to put together and requires little to no painting.
  7. Repaint Siding and Trim-Simply repainting the siding and trim can automatically transform the overall look of your home. Chipping paint or cracked and rotting material can immediately be a turn off for potential homebuyers.
  8. Update Home Entrance-Designing a lovely path entrance to your home with something as simple as pavers can add extra flair to your curb appeal. You can impress your visitors and future homebuyers with unique designs and creativity while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  9. Update Driveway-Consider fixing cracks or potholes in the concrete, not only to increase curb appeal but also to provide a safe walkway for potential buyers. You should also consider killing the weeds that grow between cracks and on the outside of the driveway. Something as simple as staining the concrete can dress up your driveway as well.
  10. Replace Railings and Fences-If not maintained or built well, railings and fences can deteriorate fast. If you decide to replace the railings, make sure you choose a color and style that fits with the house’s main features. You can upgrade your fence by staining it or cleaning it without hurting your budget.
  11. Garage Door Makeover-The overall look of the garage door can easily affect the look of the entire front part of your house. Putting a bright coat of paint can be cost efficient and make a big difference in your curb appeal.
  12. Refresh Roof-Replacing the whole roof can be extremely expensive and take quite a bit of time. Simply getting your roof cleaned can make a world’s difference and not blow your budget.  

What to Avoid:

  1. A cluttered driveway– Avoid leaving cars parked in your driveway during showings and open houses. This will allow potential buyers to estimate if there is enough driveway or garage space to fit their needs.
  2. Nasty Neighbors– When buyers are viewing your home, they’re also viewing your neighborhood as a whole. If your neighbor’s grass is a little unruly, consider asking if they’d be willing to mow their lawn especially before showings or open houses, or consider lending a hand and offering to mow their lawn for them.
  3. Personal possessions– Along with having your lawn clean cut, do your best to have any extra lawn ornaments or children’s toys picked up and neatly stored in a shed or garage.
  4. Dead leaves/plants– Especially coming out of Winter into the Spring season, it’s important to spend some time cleaning up the dead leaves and plants remaining from the previous season. If you don’t already have some annual flowers or plants, consider planting some in order to boost your curb appeal even more.
  5. Rotted Shutters/Awnings/Peeling Paint– Getting rid of outdated or mismatched features of your home exterior can drastically improve the overall look of your home. This also makes your home more appealing to potential buyers, since it will be less work for them in the future. Don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease into your exterior!
  6. Improper Paint Colors– If you’re considering revamping the exterior of your home, consider sticking to neutral colors that match your fixtures and roof.
  7. Outdated Fixtures-Old fixtures can immediately make someone think that your home could be outdated and potentially need renovations upfront. Depending on the buyers, this can be seen as a good thing or bad thing.

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