Spring DIY Project: Windows

It’s Springtime!!! how time flew so fast… in a few months… it’ll be Winter again but while we’re not there yet… Here are some tips that will help you spare some money in getting those windows renovated and prepared for the upcoming season…this is a job you’ll do yourself as long as you prepare properly and pay attention to detail.

No. 1: Have your tools and hardware prepared

You will presumably want most or all of the following: a drill, screwdriver, anchors, level, measurement tape, and a ladder or stool Have everything at your side, thus you won’t get distracted within the middle of the installation process. It’s not rocket science, however, it’s best to stay focused.

No. 2: read the directions

Open your box of window treatments carefully (do not use a razor blade or utility knife to avoid damaging them) and lay everything out to ensure you’ve got all the items you would like. It’s thus exciting, you’ll wish to dive right in, however, resist the temptation. And, first things first, scan through all of the installation instructions. they’re typically not terribly long, and generally, the order in which you are doing things makes an enormous distinction.

No. 3: measure doubly, drill once

Employ your measurement tape and level here. And, undoubtedly use a ladder or stool for help. there’s no need to strain — you would like to visualize everything clearly. ensure your shade or treatment is focused on the window or window frame. Most brackets and hardware from online sellers is with pre-drilled holes. Use those to measure, and before you drill, make sure to mark the holes with a pencil.

No. 4: Use correct anchors

If you’re not drilling into a stud, then get the suitable style of anchor for your wall’s style, rated for the weight of your window treatments. you’ll be tugging and pulling on these treatments many times each day, therefore you would like to make certain the fasteners will be able to handle the strain.

No. 5: Don’t be afraid to invite some help

The client maintenance staff at the seller can assist you if you’ve got queries. they have talked folks through all of this before. don’t hesitate to reach out for their experience.

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