5 Easy Kitchen Upgrades: No Remodeling Needed

Kitchen renovations need time and money, taking many months to finish and cost accounting tens of thousands of bucks. If you don’t have the financial resources for a full-on renovation, there is a spread of how you’ll be able to provide your kitchen with a brand new look for a lot less. From refacing cupboards to substituting lighting, a number of cosmetic tweaks will provide you with the kitchen you’ve always wished.


More and a lot of homeowners are turning to kitchen refacing as a straightforward way to update their cabinets. Refacing involves substituting the doors, drawers, and hardware and covering the whole exterior of the cabinets in an exceedingly new veneer. If you’re pleased with the layout and performance of your room, however, aren’t necessarily keen on the aesthetic feel, think about cupboard refacing.

It’s usually being done by people that have kitchens from the ’70s and ’80s that have solid wood cabinets. As opposition a full-on room gut and renovation taking many months to complete, cupboard resurfacing generally take 3 to 5 days.

Painting cupboards may be a cheaper route to require than refacing. Or, you’ll perpetually DIY, that is that the cheapest choice, however, is punishing and takes a good deal of your time.


For countertops, head to your native stone yard and select a granite at the lower end of the value range. Formica — a more cost-effective choice than natural stone — includes a heap of cool countertop choices in patterns like Greek key or textures like barn wood or grasscloth.

If you’re short on the counter area and aren’t trying to feature a lot of woodwork, think about shopping for a premade island or bar-height table that you simply will float within the center of your room.

Or, if you have got a lot of modern kitchens, think about buying a stainless-steel food preparation table from a restaurant supply company. simply ensure that you have got a minimum of thirty-six inches between the cabinets and island on all sides for straightforward traffic flow, advises Glotzl.


Lighting will dramatically modify the design and feel of any area. Tear out harsh fluorescent lighting and replace it with can lights.

Make food preparation easier by installing under-cabinet group fixtures or ambient light. Over the sink is an excellent place for a statement piece sort of sculptural pendant light.

Pulls and knobs

If you’re going the cabinet-refacing route, you’ll have lots of new pulls and knobs to think over. you’ll find them at on-line retailers or native outlets.

If you’re painting your cabinets — or maybe if you’re not — new pulls and knobs will go an extended means toward making a brand new look in your kitchen. this straightforward resolution is one that works significantly well for renters.

Appliances and plumbing

Dated appliances paired with updated cabinetwork can make your kitchen feel incomplete. New stainless-steel appliances are the final touch. for less than $500, you’ll get a brand new stainless-steel electrical range; for less than $700, a new top-freezer refrigerator.

Kitchen is one of the most-loved parts of the house (especially moms, right?). Kitchen upgrades don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With a few tips, some research, and creativity, you can give your kitchen its brand-new look.

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