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Buying a home? Don’t say these things to sellers

When you’re buying a home, you want to make sure that you don’t do anything that could put the sale in jeopardy—and that includes saying the wrong thing. A lot of homes have cameras installed so don’t speak openly with your realtor when you are in the home.

video from outlined the three things buyers should never say to the seller or seller’s agent when purchasing a home, including:

  • “This is my dream home!” The more visibly interested in and excited by a home you are, the less negotiating power you have—so even if you’re head over heels for a house, play it cool during the buying process.
  • “That couch is hideous!” An easy way to get on a seller’s bad side—and potentially cause your home purchase to go south? Insulting their style or home decor.
  • “You’ll never get that price!” Agents and sellers set a specific selling price for a reason. Even if you think the price is outrageous, keep it to yourself; otherwise, you run the risk of looking like an amateur buyer who doesn’t understand the market or home values—which, again, can hurt you during the sale and negotiating process.

The Takeaway:

Bottom line? Anything you say to the seller or seller’s agent can either help or hurt your chances of successfully negotiating and purchasing your home—so choose your words wisely and avoid saying anything that could negatively impact the sale.

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Got A Move Coming Up? These Tips Will Help Make The Experience Less Stressful

Moving can be a stressful experience in the best of times—and, for many people, it’s proving to be even more stressful in the midst of COVID-19.

While you can’t remove all elements of stress from the moving process, you can take steps to minimize stressors and make the experience less stressful overall.

But how, exactly, do you do that?

recent video from outlined key tips to help take the stress out of moving, including:

  • Move during the week. Most people move on the weekends—which means it could prove more challenging and expensive to get the moving support you need (like movers or a moving truck) on a Saturday or Sunday. Moving mid-week, which is considered an off-time for moving, can help make the process less stressful and more affordable.
  • Only pack what you need. Moving all your things from your current place to your new home can be stressful—especially when you’re packing, transporting, and unpacking a bunch of things you don’t actually need. Before you pack, take stock of your possessions—and get rid of anything you don’t want or need before the move.
  • Set a moving budget. All the expenses of moving (like moving supplies, movers, and ordering takeout while all your kitchen gear is packed up) can add up quickly—and all those extra expenses can create financial stress, especially if you spend more than you intend to during the moving process. Make sure to create a budget for how much you want to spend during the process of moving—then track your expenses to make sure you stay within that budget.
Really? What can we say?

Nearly Half of Americans Are Planning To Relocate in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to reexamine where they live—and in response, many are choosing to relocate.

But how many people are looking to relocate—and what’s driving those relocation decisions?

recent survey from LendingTree found that nearly half (46 percent) of respondents were planning to relocate in the next year—and that number was even higher for people who can work remotely (64 percent).

The biggest factors driving relocation decisions included:

  • A desire to reduce living expenses (44 percent);
  • Feeling their current home was too small (27 percent); and 
  • Looking for different features in a home (27 percent)

The Takeaway:

So, what does that mean for you? If you’ve been thinking about relocating and buying a new home? You’re not alone. And if you’ve been thinking about selling, with so many Americans considering relocation in the near future, many of those people are going to be in the market for a new home—making now a great time to list.

Really? What can we say?

23 Of The Strangest Things Homebuyers Have Asked Sellers to Leave With the Property

It’s not unusual for homebuyers to admire a seller’s belongings. Chances are they may share similar taste—they bought the same house, after all! 

But some go as far as to ask that certain items remain with the home as part of the deal. It’s easy to imagine clients wanting to include mirrors, window treatments, and maybe even chandeliers—but some take it a step farther and make really bold requests. 

We asked our audience to share their experiences with the wildest things their buyers wanted thrown in with the property to seal the deal, and some are downright startling. Take a look and prepare to shake your head in disbelief!


Believe it or not, some buyers have the nerve to request the seller leave the family pet behind. Ouch! And we’re not just talking about cats, dogs, and fish—but those are in there too. Check out some of the more exotic animals buyers were eager to own!

This one’s for the birds…

Not just ANY type of gorilla…

“Anyone seen my ass?!?!”

Yeah, peacocks are louder and meaner than anyone thinks…

Maybe they shoulda kept their intentions to themselves…

That’s about as big and alive as I want a leopard in my life to be…

Same goes for any Bigfoots…

One more animal one left, bear with me…


We’re not talking about a kids’ Hot Wheels collection! People legitimately ask for cars. And nice ones at that!!!

Weird that none of these requests were for a Nissan, or a Honda…


That thing better have been a hand-carved, one-of-a-kind piece…

This one will sound crazy to people…in like 73 years.

I’m more of a Daffy Duck person myself, but I get it…

No butts about it…

How else are they gonna know where to hang ‘em?!?!

Miscellaneous “Odds” & Ends

Does this count as a window treatment?

This one must’ve raised some eyebrows…

Well, it is hard to find a reallllllly long extension cord…

I hope they clarified that it wasn’t wood-burning!

“And throw in your bell bottoms!!!”

There’s a first for everything…

This is literally a “baby” grand…

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COVID-19 has caused many people to reevaluate their living situations—and, as a result, many of those people are planning to relocate to an area that better suits their needs.

Relocating is always a process—but if you don’t do it right, that process can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.

But how, exactly, do you do it right? What mistakes do you need to avoid to ensure the relocation process goes as smoothly as possible?

video from outlined the key mistakes to avoid when relocating to a new area, including:

  • Listing your home before you know where and when you’re relocating. Homes are selling extremely fast in today’s market—so before you list your home, you’ll want to have clarity on where and when you’re relocating.
  • Not researching your new area. Every area is different—and before you decide to relocate, you need to know that your new area has the amenities and features that you’ll need. For example, if you have children, research the schools and childcare options before you commit to moving to a new town or city. If you’re planning to work from home, make sure the neighborhoods you’re considering have high-speed internet so you can do your job effectively.
  • Expecting your belongings to arrive and be available immediately. If you’re doing a long distance relocation and shipping some of your belongings, there could be delays—so if you know you’re going to need an item, make sure to keep it with you and transport it yourself.
What's for dinner?

Greasy Spoon

In small towns across Tennessee there are little Mom & Pop restaurants that are in gas stations, old buildings and BBQ sheds. Don’t let the outside fool you. Often these affectionately known “greasy spoons” have the best local food around. Here are a few of our favorites

Tesha’s Cafe in Cross Plains, Tn

Tesha’s is located on Highway 25 East in Cross Plains, Tn They are only open Monday thru Friday 11-2. They offer cafeteria style traditional meat and 3. Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes and the very best Mac & Cheese. Save room for dessert

Douglas BP in Springfield, Tn

Some folks say that this is best pulled pork in the state of Tennessee. Traditional meat and 3 served cafeteria style in a GAS STATION .  If you need proof just check out the lines out the door during the lunch rush. .  

Where are you from?

Tennessee in 3 Parts

Tennessee is generally divided into 3 parts: East, Middle and West Tennessee.  Each part is generally about 1/3rd of the state. As you move from east to west Tennessee transitions from mountains to flat river basin. 

East Tennessee

East Tennessee Counties

East Tennessee is made up of 33 counties on the eastern side of the state.  There are 3 main cities in East Tennessee ; Johnson City, Knoxville and Chattanooga.  East Tennessee is most noted for its mountain culture and geography .The Appalachian Mountains run across the states eastern boarder and is home to the nations most visited national park, The Great Smoky Mountains.

Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee Counties

Middle Tennessee is made up for 41 counties in the “middle” of the state. Middle Tennessee is home to Nashville, the states capital. Other notable cities in Middle Tennessee are Clarksville, Murfreesboro and Franklin. The geography of middle Tennessee is generally rolling hills and river valleys.

West Tennessee

West Tennessee
West Tennessee Counties

West Tennessee is made up of 21 counties West of the Tennessee River. West Tennessee is home to Memphis and Jackson. West Tennessee is the flattest geography in the state.