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Top 10 Best Farms For Your Weekend RV Camp in Tennessee

Here are the Top 10 Best Farms For Your Weekend RV Camp in Tennessee

  1. Crossing Creeks Farm(Bedford County)

They are passionate about producing great food for their family’s table and yours. With a commitment to organic-fed, grass-fed meats that use soy-free feed and nothing but pasture-raised animals they have become focused on small-batch premium products made by hand with love. They add new ways of sharing the experience every day because they so cherish it! “We love farming, but love sharing it with you all more, so we are always adding more ways to share ours”.

  1. Big South Fork Lodge and Horse Campground(Fentress County)

The property is a horse ranch that borders the park, allowing you to ride directly into it. It’s across the street from the trailhead and offers motel-style rooms as well as kitchenettes in larger suites. RV camping at the barn with their own picnic tables and fire pits; there are also camping options with your horses’ stalls where they can be tied nearby so everyone on vacation will enjoy themselves! There is a stocked pond available for fishing or just sitting along with hiking trails throughout both properties (the ranger station has maps). A restaurant on site called “The Hitching Post Grill” serves cold drinks and meals made of local produce if desired, making this an all-around great place to stay while exploring everything Missouri

  1. River Road RV Park & Horse Camp(Marshall County)

At River Road RV Park & Horsecamp in Chapel Hill, TN you’ll find a quiet place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Tennessee wilderness! Whether it’s visiting or passing through, we welcome all guests with long-term stays as well. Come stay for one night if that’s all you have time for or come spend months here at our family-friendly park where everyone is guaranteed to feel right at home!

4. Red Oak Ridge Hiking and Riding Trail (Clay County)

There are a variety of activities to do at and around Red Oak Ridge Hiking and Riding Trail, including fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling/swimming in the lake’s clear waters. It is also popular for flatwater kayaking or sailing. The area has lots of trails that offer access to hiking and horseback riding through its beautiful wooded hillsides.

5. Heniscity Farm (Davidson County)

Heniscity Farm is a unique farm that raises clean heritage free-range livestock poultry for eggs/meat and hemp. The farm offers homemade balms, customized fiber crafts, and venue rental services as well!

6. Pickett State Park (Fentress County)

In 2015, Pickett CCC Memorial State Park and Pogue Creek Canyon became the first state parks in the Southeast to gain International Dark Sky recognition. The designation is given to spaces that protect dark night skies from light pollution so visitors can enjoy sweeping views of constellations similar to those found in Western states.

7. Cordell Hull Lake(Smith County)

Come hike, bike, fish, or swim with your family at Cordell Hull Lake! They offer two of the top-rated campgrounds and three day-use areas for you to enjoy. Defeated Creek Campground offers tent sites right next to clear water while Salt Lick Creek is an excellent spot if you’re looking for more privacy. The other camping area is also a favorite among visitors as it has plenty of campsites near open fields perfect for large groups. If outdoor recreation isn’t what excites you there are always our three beautiful beaches where kids can go swimming in the summertime and parents can relax on sunny days lying out under some trees in their beach chairs enjoying life by the lake.

8. Circle L Stables(Sumner County)

If you want to bring your horse along on vacation, they offer overnight stabling for your pet as well as a place to park their trailer. You can also stay longer if interested in using the arena and riding acres with obstacles or hook up 8 times if you need an area where there are no other horses around. Each private barn has its own tack/feed room so it’s like having a personal stable at all times.

9. Serenity Manor Stables (Wilson County)

If you’re traveling and need a place for your horse to stay, The Serenity Manor Stables offers overnight boarding. They have private stalls or pasture board plus an apartment with 30 amps. Less than fifteen minutes away are trails at the Cedars of Lebanon.

10. Bunkhouse Bakery(Fentress County)

Bunkhouse Bakery is a cottage bakery located in the farmhouse at the Standing Rock Ranch. They make fruit pies with fresh Tennessee grown blackberries, raspberries blueberries, cherries strawberries, and peaches as well their homemade specialty bread, muffins, cookies, and cakes. Baked goods are sold onsite or for porch deliveries to Fentress County Farmers Market on Square Cookville Farmer’s market local businesses’ homes and more.


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Here are the Top 7 Must-Visit Places In Macon County This Fall [ 2021 ]

Macon County has the perfect mix of adventure and discovery for anyone looking to escape from reality.

Here are some of our top picks you should definitely go to when you stop by in Macon County.

  1. SheBrews Coffee
  • Drop by this cozy cafe to satisfy your caffeine fix!  The ambiance is superb! They have a wide variety of drinks for every kind of coffee lover. And if you’re not a fan of caffeine, no worries! They also have frappuccinos with sweet flavors and fruity drinks that can be sugar-free! 

Location: Public Square, Lafayette, TN

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (6:30 AM – 6PM) & Saturdays (7:30AM – 2:00 PM)

  1. The Red Barn Winery & Vineyards
  • Broaden your horizon as you learn more about the step-by-step wine-making process at The Red Barn Winery & Vineyards in the city of Lafayette.  It is the first in Macon County to become an Agricultural Farm Winery –  offering different kinds of wines ranging from Sweet, Fruit, Dry, Specialty Wines, and Wine Freezer Mixes – each made with Tennessee Pride.

Location: 1805 Tanyard Road, Lafayette, TN  37083  

Opening Hours: Opens Thurs-Sat ( 12NN to 6PM )

  1. The Donoho Hotel
  • This place is rich in history.The Donoho Hotel is a throwback to simpler times, yet they provide modern amenities that match to everyone’s interests. Savor every bite with their Home Cooked Traditional Southern Menu, enjoy the Rustic Horseback Nature Tours, or just enjoy the peaceful place in rocking chairs.
  • It is also known as a beautiful place for Weekend Getaways and Special Events such as Weddings, Family and Corporate Events. 

Location: 500 E Main St, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150

Opening Hours: Varies per Event

  1.  Winding Stairs Nature Trails and Park
  •  For adventure goers who are into hiking, experience the coolness of this beautiful park with cascades, waterfalls and springs-a popular spot during summer months to escape scorching heat. This is a good place to be when you want to reconnect with nature and to rest your sight from the usual busy streets.

Location: 655 Nature Trail Way,, Lafayette, TN 37083

Opening Hours: Opens Everyday (7AM – 8PM )

  1.  Gallery 102
  • A unique business that supports local artists to showcase all forms of art in the community. Sponsored by Macon County Arts Council, they offer opportunities through events such as free workshops, free concerts, exhibits, and many more! You can also shop for handicrafts and other artistic pieces made by local amazing artists.

Location: 102 Public Square, Lafayette, TN 37083

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday (9AM – 5PM) / Wednesday – Friday (10AM – 4PM) / Saturday ( 9AM – 1PM) 

  1. Middle Tennessee Sports Association
  • If you’re up for some action, head on to the famous shooting range in Dixon Springs. It is a private, non-profit club that lets you unleash your inner James Bond and Angelina Jolie in a safe and hospitable venue for shooting.

Location: 175 Dry Branch Road, Dixon Springs, Tennessee 37057

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat (6AM – 6PM)

  1. Lone Hickory Farm
  • This place is perfect for people of all ages! Lone Hickory Farm is a type of a farm that lets you pick-your-own fruits ,vegetables, and plants. Isn’t that exciting?  You’ll also find a greenhouse that has a wide variety of annual perennial plants, herbs, flowers, shrubs & trees. The staff are very friendly – they will be guiding you to mix & match in making your own planters! Isn’t that exciting?

Location: 1800 Tanyard Road, Lafayette, TN 37083

Opening Hours: Resumes in September 2021


Really? What can we say?

Meteorites in Tennessee

Every summer, folks in Tennessee stay up late to watch the Perseid meteor showers in mid August. Rural Tennessee offers open fields clear skies, and soft green grass. Its the prefect opportunity for a late night pallet, a couple of RCs and a MoonPie!

While you are looking up think about this …. Over 3 Million years ago, 3 massive meteorites hit Tennessee.

Flynn Creek Crater

( Cookeville, Tn.)

Is about 3.8 km in diameter and the surface of this crater is weathered and distorted. The rock layers of Flynn Creek Crater are folded, likely recording deformation along the margins and rim of the crater but it’s still an interesting site to explore.

How to get there:

The crater is located about 8 km south of Gainesboro and less than 20 miles from Tennessee Tech in Jackson County, Tennesee.

Howell Structure

(Middle Tennessee

North of Fayetteville at Howell)

The Howell Structure is considered a ring-like structure that features about 2.5 km in diameter; deformed and disturbed.

How to get there:

It is centered on the unincorporated village of Howell, in Lincoln County, Tennessee, USA, about 110 km SSE of Nashville, TN.

Wells Creek Basin

(Clarksville at Cumberland City)

The biggest one is nearly 1000 feet in diameter, weighing in excess of 100 million tons. About 95-320 million years ago, this crater in Tennessee was hit by either an atomic explosion or a comet that had huge force and impact. The rocks dip at a very great angle, and some places are nearly vertical.

How to get there:

Follow Cumberland City Highway / SR 149 South, just North of Cumberland City after crossing the Cumberland River; or the meteor crater’s edge can be seen from Highway 149 east of Erin.

You don’t have to move to the moon to live on the edge of the universe. I am sure that we can find you spot in the middle of nowhere with views of the Milky Way, the Big Dipper and the North Star.

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What's for dinner?


Tennessee isn’t just about whiskey and country music. It is actually a Home of Watermelons, too! Well, of course, the freshest fruits in general.

August 3 is Watermelon’s day and in case you’re wondering where to get your daily supply of Watermelons? Don’t you worry! Anywhere in Tennessee, you’ll find one. May it be in the East, Middle, or West Tennessee, you’ll never run out of it.

Here are some of the few:


Anderson County:
Mountain Meadows Farm

Bledsoe County:
Phillip Wooden & Sons Farm Market
Jackson Farm

Campbell County:
A Place of the Heart Farm

Grainger County:
G&L Farms
Busler’s Farm

Washington County:
A Different Chick Farm and Orchard
Pleasant Valley Farms


Cumberland County:
DaBell Family Farms LLC

Davidson County:
Buffalo Valley Farm
Howell’s Farm

Franklin County:
Liberty Farms
Jackson Produce


Lauderdale County:
Tims Family Farm

Weakly County:
Bell Family Farms LLC

Obion County:
Big Pond Farm

Henry County:
Future Visions Farms
Kenneddy Farms Produce

Shelby County:
Windermere Farms & Apiaries


Go to this LINK to see the complete list of all fresh farm finds around Tennessee.

Being near to a farm, grocery shop, or any place that would support your heathy lifestyle is a must! Let me help you with that.

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Really? What can we say?

People in Tennessee are the Funniest When the Weather’s Freaking Hot!

We all know that there’s something about the Tennessee heat and the way it makes everything slow down but there’s something about it that just speaks to us like nothing else.

The heatwave is no joke in Summer, but folks in Tennessee know just how to make it through. How? By describing the intensity of the heat in creative ways that’ll crack you up!

Here are some of our favorites:

  • It’s like a steam bath out here.
  • I’m sweatin’ like a hog.
  • It’s not the heat—it’s the humidity.
  • Crank up that A.C. till it’s blowing snowballs.

This one’s the funniest!

  • It’s so dang hot that I just saw a hound dog chasing a rabbit—and they were both walking.

Speaking of the devil…

  • Even Satan’s sweatin’ today.
  • Hotter than Satan’s house cat
  • Hot as the hinges on the gates of Hades

But guys, seriously.

Stay hydrated. Grab the fruity-flavored sorbet in your favorite store or just dunk yourself in a tub full of ice (just kidding!)

If you need any help finding a good spot in Tennessee where heat can be bearable, reach me at Cell 971-400-6420 or