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Spend Your Day Right in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Located approximately 34 minutes south along I-24 from Nashville, Murfreesboro serves as the Rutherford County seat with its picturesque riverside setting and history-making for all ages. The sports games in this area are some of the most entertaining around, and it’s also home to the state’s largest college, Middle Tennessee State University. If you’re planning to stroll around or move to Murfreesboro, here is a list of things you should cross off your list.

  1. Travel Back in Civil War Era at Stones River National Battlefield

The Battle of Stones River, also known as the Civil War’s most blood-soaked battle and one where more than 10 percent of those who fought were killed or wounded.
The nation was divided into two camps: North vs South; freedom versus slavery. The stakes could not have been any higher for this crucial contest to determine which way Americans would go in their quest for America’s future.

2. See the Grand Architecture of Oaklands Mansion

Oaklands Mansion is one of the most historically significant buildings in Civil War-era America; nestled in Oaklands Park, a native tree arboretum and natural wetlands, which includes Maney Spring as well as heritage and native gardens. Listed on the National Register, it served as a hospital for soldiers and civilians alike during that time period when tensions were high between North and South states. It was also one of the most elegant homes in Middle Tennessee, playing host to famous people like  Sarah Childress Polk (wife of President James K. Polk).

3. Let Your Kids Enjoy at Discovery Center

Discovery Center at Murfree Spring is a children’s museum that offers educational hands-on exhibits for visitors of all ages. Kids will love the 5 Senses – with a life-sized nose, tongue, ear, hand, and eye that dive into the senses of the body; Creation Station where artists can create masterpieces with chalk, paper, cardboard, paint, clay, and more; the Farmers Market which teaches how many miles the average meal takes to arrive on plates and information on buying local; and Water Works that covers interactive systems of pumps, wheels, and pipes, teaching the power of water. With hundreds of fun exhibits, twenty acres of outdoor wetlands, daily programs, and a two-story slide, the whole family will definitely love it!

4. Boost Your Energy at The Miracle Field

The David Price Miracle Field is a special need baseball and playground facility. The goal is to help children and adults alike to forget about their day-to-day struggles. Children of all abilities love to enjoy sensory stations, zipline, ramps, and turf. After exerting a lot of energy, grab your lunch on one of the covered picnic tables or at one of the concession stands. 

5. Complete Your Day With A Nice Meal at Alley On Main

From appetizers to handmade desserts, their menu focuses on fresh steaks, seafood, and pasta. Every item on the menu is scratch-made each day.  If you are having lunch or dinner, they have daily specials and seasonal items that rotate in and out of their menu.  The recipes at The Alley on Main have been passed down for generations. They also cater for special occasions – having a semi-private dining area in the back section of our restaurant that holds up to 30 guests comfortably.  Catch live music

6. Grab a Drink at Hop Springs Beer Park

Enjoy the rolling hills at the new Hop Springs Beer Park, the tasting room, and the ultimate hangout spot crafted by Steel Barrel Brewery. You’ll find an extensive list of craft beer, live music every weekend, and delicious food at the family and dog-friendly venue. Hop Springs is open from Wednesdays to Sundays. 


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Tennessee Favorites: Thanksgiving Day

Family Getaways

Reconnect with Nature

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a spectacular place to explore on Thanksgiving. Hiking trails and wildlife await those who venture into this wonderful realm of natural beauty! Take the aerial tramway from downtown to Ober Gatlinburg, where ice skating, ski trails, and snow tubing await. 

Give Back To The Community

Join the annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet by Nashville Rescue Mission and help prepare and serve meals to thousands of homeless people. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to teach children how to appreciate the things they have in life by helping those less privileged.

Don’t Forget to Join Fun Events Around The Corner

Be sure to participate in the Winterfest Weekend at Graceland, which features a tree lighting ceremony, take advantage of the 3 million LED lights shining in the city. Take a drive or even a walk through downtown Gatlinburg, and you take in the bright colors of glowing lights with representations of bears, deer, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, and other traditional holiday scenes.  There will also be arts-and-crafts stalls, and food vendors selling lip-smacking fare. You may also visit the Orpheum Theatre to revel in Thanksgiving performances. Take your kids to visit Graceland, Elvis Presley’s home.

Shopping Galore

Make use of Black Friday deals to complete your Christmas shopping while you enjoy your Tennessee Thanksgiving getaway. There are many shopping destinations in the Volunteer State offering Thanksgiving weekend retail therapy. Get unbelievable bargains on early festive season gifts for family and friends.

The Island – Pigeon Forge

 Head out to The Island, which has over 60 high-quality retail shops selling jewelry, souvenirs, artwork, handbags, accessories, and more. Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, the quaint town of Pigeon Forge has a number of places where you can finish your shopping for the festive season.

Tanger Outlets – Sevierville

Visit the Tanger Outlet while spending your Thanksgiving weekend in Gatlinburg, where you can shop till you drop and benefit from immense savings. Shop for great deals on anything like winter coats, boots, camping gear, recipe books, high-end cookware, pottery, handcrafted jewelry, and much more.

West Town Mall – Knoxville

West Town Mall is probably the biggest mall in Tennessee. It’s very popular with over 150 stores, of which 40 are exclusive to Knoxville. has an array of brand stores where you can pick up amazing bargains on clothes, footwear, lingerie, jewelry, and more. You can find your favorite restaurants for sure at this mall.

Skip the Stress of Cooking and Cleaning

Thanksgiving at the Read House’s Bridgeman’s Chophouse – Chattanooga

Spend Thanksgiving weekend in Chattanooga at one of the longest continuously operating hotels in the southeast, The Read House, where guests can feast out at the hotel’s Bridgeman’s Chophouse’s special Thanksgiving features. With elegant guest rooms, delightful dining, and historical beginnings, it makes for a well-spent Thanksgiving with your closest friends and family.

Adele’s Thanksgiving 2021 Buffett Menu – Nashville

Dine on a buffet spread of locally sourced, traditional Thanksgiving food at Adele’s in Nashville while sipping on their 2021 signature cocktail specials, Pumpkin White Russians, and Cider & Maple Old Fashioneds. Their menu includes cheese and charcuterie, apple sage pork loin, roasted prime rib, southern buttermilk cornbread staffing, basked mac and cheese, apple crumble, pecan pie squares, and much more.

Backyard Grill – Monroe

Local restaurants in Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland region will be offering turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving weekend. Whether looking to pick up orders to go or dine-in, Dixie, Bobcat Den, Country Kitchen, Farm House, and Backyard Grill has all your Thanksgiving fixings covered.

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Travel Back In Time To These Historic Homes Near Nashville

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Nashville life, take a walk through these historic homes. Most of them made it to the list of the National Register of Historic Places. Also, if you’re looking for a nice venue for your wedding, family gatherings, or any occasion, these historic omes are ready to serve you some enchanting memories!

  1. Historic Rock Castle
139 Rock Castle Lane Hendersonville, TN 37075

Rock Castle is actually the oldest house in Middle Tennessee and it has an interesting history. Once operated as Daniel Smith’s main home, this farmhouse now provides guests with country memories they’ll never forget!

Daniel Smith, the home’s original owner, was a member of the committee that framed the United States Bill of Rights, and he also was a colonel in the Revolutionary War. Fun fact! Andrew Jackson was his Tennessee neighbor!

The home is now utilized as a museum and party space. Seasonal events are offered throughout the year, with options for private rentals available too!

2. The Hermitage

(c) Here Comes The Guide

This mansion, the Hermitage is not only a gorgeous historic home of Andrew Jackson, the 7th U.S president, but also located just outside Nashville Tennessee and it’s an incredible place to visit! It is one of the largest and most visited presidential homes in the United States. Today, The Hermitage is a 1,120-acre National Historic Landmark that welcomes over 180,000 visitors around the world and also caters special events.

3. Buchanan Log House

2910 Elm HillPike Nashville, TN 37214

The Buchanan Log House, located in Donelson Tennessee, and built over 200 years ago; considered the oldest home in town. It’s right on Nashville’s edge making it a great place for travelers who want to explore this booming city! The home was originally built by James Buchanan, one of the earliest settlers in Nashville and also an important figure during that city’s development. It has been open to the public since then and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently, it is now used as a community event space for every occasion from family reunions to weddings.

4. Travellers Rest Plantation

(c) Mandy Liz Photography

636 Farrell Pkwy Nashville, TN 37220

Some might say that Travellers Rest Plantation is an event space nowadays, but it’s much more than just a background for weddings and family reunions.  It also operates as a museum and boasts a 200-year-old history from its time as Judge John Overton’s plantation home to the present day; serving as a gateway for learners of all ages to explore Nashville’s historic past.

5. Timothy Demonbreun House

746 Benton Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

The Timothy Demonbreun House is a historic mansion built in 1902 and now operates as #1 bed and breakfast in Nashville. The stunning 22-room mansion was once named, “Robincroft,” to honor its original owners, but the name was changed after local attorney Richard A. Demonbreun purchased it as his personal residence. Known as one of the most beautifully restored homes in Nashville, perfect for rehearsal dinners, networking events, etc.


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10 Crazy Facts About Tennessee You Probably Didn’t Know

Tennessee is a large state in the south-eastern United States. It’s known for its music and culture, as well as being home to many caves and rivers. However, there are facts about Tennessee that you might not know! This blog post will give you facts about Tennessee that not many people are familiar with.

  1. Tennessee earned its nickname as, “The Volunteer State” during the War of 1812

Tennessee is a state full of die-hard Volunteers who fought for the country. The nickname, “the Volunteer State,” was given to Tennessee after sending 1,500 volunteer soldiers to fight in defense during the Battle at New Orleans in 1812. The answer lies in the long and honorable history of self-sacrifice, courage, and patriotism of its citizens.

2. Nashville isn’t the birthplace of country music

It’s no surprise that the country’s music capital, Nashville is home to many stars and it’s known to be Music City. But Bristol is actually the official birthplace of country music for several important reasons. Find out HERE.

3. Reelfoot Lake came from shaky beginnings

The lake was formed entirely from a series of earthquakes in 1811-1812. A series of catastrophic earthquakes shook West Tennessee and the rest of the Central Mississippi Valley. Some reports said that the quakes were strong enough to awaken sleepers in Washington, D.C., and allegedly some tremors were felt twelve hundred miles away in Quebec City, Canada. 

These days, the 15,000 acres of water in Reelfoot Lake State Park brings visitors from all over the country to explore bald cypress trees and nesting pairs of eagles. The perfect place to go for those who love photography. It’s one-of-a-kind!

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4. Martin Luther King, Jr. took his last breath at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy is an inspiration that will never die. He took his last breath at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where he was assassinated on April 4th, 1968, and people all over still come to see what’s left of him there today.

After his death, the motel became a landmark and now is preserved as the American Civil Rights Museum.

5. Kingston was the state capital for one day, September 21, 1807

This was a result of a treaty with the Cherokees. In the Tellico Treaty of 1805, the Cherokees requested that the state capital be moved to Kingston, and the state agreed as part of the treaty.

Unfortunately, the Indians didn’t stipulate how long they wanted the capital at Kingston. The legislature met there for a few hours on September 21, 1807, making Kingston the capital for one day. They then returned to Knoxville which once again became the capital. 

6. The Knoxville World’s Fair in 1982 hosted 11,127,786 people

We find that to be exceedingly fascinating. The World’s Fair brought people from all over the world to Knoxville to see exciting new inventions, food, and international displays. The fair’s theme, “Energy Turns Our World,” debuted many inventions pertaining to energy and its practical applications.

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7. Copper Basin was discovered from space. INSANE.

The three man-made marks on the planet that were visible from space were said to be the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Egypt, and the Copper Basin (CB) in Tennessee. The Copper Basin in southeastern Tennessee became the site of increasingly extensive and successful reforestation efforts. 

8. Home of the LARGEST freshwater aquarium

In Chattanooga, you will not only find a freshwater aquarium but a newer saltwater aquarium as well. Head out to Tennessee Aquarium with your friends and family. The Tennessee Aquarium is one of the world’s largest freshwater aquariums, and easily Chattanooga’s biggest attraction, contributing more than $115 million to the city’s economy annually.

9. Home of 10,000 caves

Cumberland Caverns

Tennessee is home to 10,000 caves beneath its mossy hills and flat farmlands. While you cannot enter all of these caves; there are others that offer magnificent and one-for-the-books experiences.

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10. Jack Daniel’s made his fortune in Lynchburg

Lynchburg is in Moore County, the smallest county in Tennessee. Even though it’s home to the Distillery, it’s a dry county and has been ever since Prohibition.

One more fact about Jack Daniel is that he died awfully after kicking his safe and allowing the wound to get infected.

What actually happened was that one morning Jack came into work early and decided to open up the safe for the day, rather than waiting for his nephew to arrive. Legend has it that he became frustrated as he repeatedly got the code wrong, and kicked the safe, breaking his toe. It is said that this injury brought on the blood poisoning that took Jack’s entire leg, and eventually his life.


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Experience the 7 Most Unique Restaurants in Tennessee

Tennessee is a unique state with unique restaurants to offer. If you’re looking for a different restaurant experience, then this list of 7 out-of-the-ordinary restaurants will help!

1.The Catbird Seat – Nashville

The Catbird Seat is the perfect spot to enjoy an intimate night out though, pretty expensive but it’s worth it for special occasions. It’s both welcoming and exclusive, so you can feel like a celebrity while dining with your friends or date! Guests are seated at a U-shaped counter that surrounds a central open kitchen. Guests will keep intrigued and entertained with an inventive seven-course tasting. Chefs cook and interact directly with diners in just 22 seats. Yes, that’s why it’s also one of the hardest reservations to score in the country.

Location: 1711 Division St Nashville, TN 37203

Price range: $135 to $350

2.Stock & Barrel – Knoxville

S&B is a local favorite for delicious, fresh ingredients and gourmet burgers. This family-owned eatery has been known to make Tennessee proud with its high-quality food in the state’s capital city! Well, S&B is a very popular spot for those of all ages. The warm lighting and wooden floors set the stage for a great meal, while your delicious burgers complete it.

Location: 35 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902

Price Range: $8 to $16

Properties for Sale in Knoxville

3.The Beauty Shop – Memphis

The Cooper-Young district of midtown Memphis is home to this hip and trendy restaurant. This place does it all: as it conjures up images of a ‘50s-style beauty shop, formerly Priscilla Presley’s curl-and-dye spot. The original hair dryers add to the ambiance and the glass-bricked booths give fun and funky seating for groups of 4-6. Their meals are superb! Expect American cuisine but with a twist. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Owner, Karen Blockman Carrier has been a personal chef to such Hollywood big shots as Tom Cruise and Susan Sarandon.

4.Aretha Frankenstein’s –  Chattanooga

With its unique blend of breakfast items, this spot has all-day fun. They are known for their huge pancakes and large portions! Try their tasty waffles topped with ice cream or whipped cream for an extra indulgent treat! They also offer beer and espresso drinks to keep things interesting—perfect if you’re looking to unwind after a busy day. Breakfast is served every day until midnight so afternoons and evenings are the best time to avoid waiting for a table. 

Location: 518 Tremont St Chattanooga, TN 37405

Price range: $8.95 to $15

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5.The Barn – Walland

The photo speaks for itself – you just can’t beat that ambiance! The Barn is a destination for lovers of fine food and drink. Its elegant yet rustic atmosphere will leave you feeling like royalty. It is a must-visit for anyone who loves great ambiance, wine, and exemplary service. The exquisite dishes are made with ingredients from their own farm, while the menu has something that will please every palate imaginable! 

Location: 1471 W Millers Cove Rd, Townsend, TN 37882

Price range: (Price range not available online. Please call  865-273-8513 for dinner reservations)

6.Pfunky Griddle – Nashville

Tired of your usual breakfast? You should definitely try the Griddle Experience. This means that you get to be the Cook for the most part.  Located in the Berry Hill area, this is a make-your-own breakfast spot with some serious character. Great with kids and adults alike, carve out a Saturday to make your way to Nashville – this one’s really worth it. Come in early, if you can – lines have been known to stretch pretty long, for a spot that offers experience and solid eats.

Location: 2800 Bransford Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

Price range: Starts at $1.99 to $6.99

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7.Soccer Taco at Market Square – Knoxville

Fans watch games from around the world on multiple TVs in this restaurant and order their favorite Mexican food, like tacos or burritos. Expect high energy when there’s a popular game happening and it’s the best experience for the sporty ones like you! It’s also great that they have a solid broadcasting sound system, live music on weekends, and a pet-friendly patio! Private events are also available. 

Location: 9 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902

Price range: (Price range not available online. Please call (865) 544-4471)