Some of our Favorite Home Design Trends for 2018

Home Design Trends That Will Rock Your House Out in 2018

But, the true trick here is figuring out which trends are on the rise, and which ones are about to flop. We’ve done our research, and here are four of our favorite home design trends from the experts and their predictions for 2018:

Curved Couches & Sofas

Want your sofa or couch to feel extremely current? Then, the 70s style curved versions are the way to go. Say goodbye to traditional, boring L-shaped sectionals and straight couch and loveseat duos. Curved sofas and couches have a unique way of dividing up a room. And, they look stylishly amazing from any and every angle. These furniture pieces are perfect for rectangular-shaped rooms, as well as for hugging your fireplace.


Lampshades That Scream For Attention

Guess what? It’s time to toss those boring white lampshades and shed some color on your light. For 2018, expect to see lampshade trends that include patterned, wicker and pleated pieces. When shopping for lampshades, go for fun, sophistication or whatever your personality desires.

Monochrome Décor

In this day and age, minimalists are using that mind-frame to decorate their home with simplicity. Yen lovers believe this creates areas filled with peace. To create a more monochrome space in your home, try the tone-on-tone method. You’ll see a lot of home spaces decorated with one family of colors in 2018.

Statement Floors

Statement floors have quickly become a serious home décor rave. And, they will still be hot trends next year. From chevron floors to herringbone floors, homeowners are now making bolder statements in floor design. You’ll see statement floors in quirky designs, as well as unique epoxy coating designs. These focal designs make your home space unique and extremely trendy.

Stay tuned into the blog as we uncover more of our favorite home design/decor trends throughout the year!