Beat the Heat at One of Texas Great Lakes

Texas has 170 lakes. We’ve narrowed that list to 10, choosing beautiful lakes within a short enough drive from Dallas that they qualify as weekend retreats. Yes, there are closer lakes we didn’t include. But who wants to escape Preston Hollow for, say, Lake Grapevine? Most of the lakes we chose are not owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which prevents property owners from building docks or boathouses.

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The nature of people who are coming to the lake, no matter what their background, is they want to relax a little.

With summer temperatures setting in, many Texans are looking for ways to cool off. For Dallas-Fort Worth residents, the region offers a number of lakes for swimming, fishing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

According to Lake Homes Realty, Texas is “by far the largest lake market” featured in its Spring 2018 Lake Market Report, boasting more than $3.31 billion in lakeside homes and land.

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Three North Texas lakes are among the state’s biggest markets, including Cedar Creek Lake, which ranks fifth in Texas with $160.26 million in lakeside real estate and 4.8 percent of the state’s lakeside market share. Possum Kingdom Lake follows at No. 6 with $150.51 million in real estate and a 4.5 percent market share, and Lake Texoma is 10th with $74.5 million in real estate and a 2.2 percent market share.

Cedar Creek and Possum Kingdom lakes also have among the largest lakeside home markets in Texas, valued at $113.12 million and $109.35 million, respectively.

And their land markets are tops, too, at $42.14 million and $37.91 million, respectively. Lake Texoma has a land market with with $30.4 million in real estate, followed by Lewisville Lake, with $27.1 million.

With those large markets has come strong demand for lakeside retreats in the region.

lake front property north texas

“North Texas lakes have very good demand that seems to be increasing,” said Stephanie Mueller, a real estate agent for Lake Homes Realty in the Cedar Creek Lake area. “Many agents are saying they had their best year ever.”

Lewisville and Possum Kingdom lakes are located on the west side of DFW.

Buyers seeking lake properties in North Texas tend to be a mixture of weekend and full-time residents, though those looking for weekend and holiday retreats tend to be more common, Mueller said.

Lake Homes Realty, which compiled a list of lake homes for the Dallas Business Journal, is preparing for a busy season as buyers begin to look for summertime getaway properties.

If you’re looking for a lakeside retreat, but want something further north, take a 2-hour drive and check out properties at Lake Texoma.

lake texoma north texas

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