70 Make-Ready Tips for Selling Your Home

So you’re ready to sell your house, but is your house ready to be sold? Take a look at this checklist to make sure your home is ready for Professional Photos, Open Houses, Showings, and ultimately┬áprepare your Home for Prospective Buyers.

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70 Make-Ready Tips for
Selling Your Home

Curb Appeal

  1. Drive up to your home and look at it from a distance through the eyes of buyers.
  2. Check the shingles – Repair or replace damaged shingles.
  3. Clean and repair the gutters.
  4. Clean and repair the HVAC units.
  5. Repair broken windows and shutters. Replace torn screens.
  6. Repair or replace door knobs, doorbell, and light fixtures if necessary.
  7. Remove all toys, equipment, and litter.
  8. Remove cobwebs and nests.
  9. Remove mildew, moss, and stains from the side of your home, walkways, and driveway.
  10. Repair and clean patio furniture and deck area. Remove anything that can’t be repaired.
  11. Make sure the Pool and Spa sparkle.
  12. Touch up the exterior of your home, especially around entrances.
  13. Wash your garbage can and put it in a place where it’s not the first thing potential buyers see when they drive up.
  14. Mow the lawn and continue weekly.
  15. Trim the trees and shrubs.
  16. Weed the flower beds and add cedar mulch.
  17. Add colorful plants or foliage to fill in bare spots.
  18. Sweep the walkways and driveway.
  19. Replace doormats that are worn and torn.
  20. Shine brass hardware on the doors and light fixtures. Polish stained wood doors and trim.
  21. Drive up to your home again and look at it from the eyes of a potential buyer. Walk into your home as a potential buyer. Determine what kind of impression the walkways and entrances now make.

    Overall InterioR

  22. Declutter. Store, give away, throw or donate anything that you won’t need until after the move; e.g. furniture, decorative items, clothing, toys, equipment, appliances, worn rugs, papers, books, cosmetics, jewelry, games, etc.
  23. Replace or repair worn or broken doorknobs, cabinet fixtures, light fixtures, light switches, outlet plates, faucets and vent covers.
  24. Clean the fireplace.
  25. Clean the HVAC vents.
  26. Clean and organize the closets. The goal should be 50% open rod and shelf space.
  27. Add a fresh coat of paint in light, neutral colors.
  28. Vacuum the window blinds, shades and drapes.
  29. Wash or dry clean curtains.
  30. Wash all the windows, frames and sill.
  31. Add plug-in air fresheners.
  32. Remove all valuables such as jewelry, artwork, medications, cash, coin collections, etc.
  33. Open all the window shades and blinds to create a spacious and bright look.
  34. Put pet supplies and dishes in a place where they are not the first thing potential buyers see or smell when they walk into a room.

    Living Room, Game Room & Media Room

  35. Make these rooms spacious and inviting. Discard or repair worn furniture.
  36. Remove non-essential furniture to allow the focal point to be the pool table, big screen, etc.
  37. Minimize magazines, games, toys, etc.
  38. Clean TV and computer screens.
  39. Clean and stage wet bar area.
  40. Hide all cords and electronics out of view.

    Dining Room

  41. Set the table for dinner and help potential buyers imagine entertaining there.
  42. Remove and store non-essential chairs.
  43. Consider a centerpiece of fresh flowers.


  44. Minimize and arrange furniture to create a spacious look.
  45. Relocate exercise equipment unless the room is designed for that use.
  46. Remove games, toys, magazines, cosmetics, jewelry – especially on the nightstands.
  47. Replace bedspreads, quilts and pillow shams with updated styles if needed.
  48. Minimize posters and excessive decor in secondary bedrooms.
  49. Consider repainting, or offering to repaint, custom child-themed paint decor.


  50. Remove rust and mildew stains.
  51. Wash or replace shower curtains.
  52. Make sure everything sparkles – including grout.
  53. Replace worn rugs and towels.
  54. Minimize countertop clutter.


  55. Make sure all appliances are in working order.
  56. Discard extra food products that take up space in the pantry and cabinets.
  57. Clean the inside of the refrigerator, stove, and cabinets. Make sure everything is organized to create a spacious look.
  58. Polish woods cabinets with furniture oils.
  59. Make sure appliances, countertops, and the sink sparkle. Install new faucets if necessary.

    Attic, Basement & Garage

  60. Get rid of unnecessary items. Store or pack items that you won’t need until after the move.
  61. Don’t obstruct access to the water heater, electrical panel, sprinkler system control and other major components.
  62. Organize everything to create more floor space and make inspections easy. Put things on shelves or in matching boxes.
  63. Provide bright lighting.
  64. Clean all equipment and vents. Replace filters.
  65. Fix any insulation that might be showing.
  66. Take care of musty or stale odors. Open the windows, dust and wash the walls and floors, purchase room deodorizers.

    When it’s time to Show

  67. Make sure your property folder is out in the open. It should contain utility bills, an MLS profile, your Seller’s Disclosure, extra property flyers and extra business cards.
  68. Do a quick clean and vacuum. Air out your house. Dispose of all trash.
  69. Put pets outside if it’s safe to do so.
  70. Play peaceful music.

Want to hold on to this list? Here’s a PDF for Free Download.

What problems have you experienced getting your house ready to sell? Do you have any solutions that aren’t listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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