Holiday Tips for Boarding Your Dog in DFW

Successfully Boarding Your Dog in DFW this Holiday Season

Tips from Marvin Jolly

Dogs are members of the family.  Sometimes, they are the most IMPORTANT members of the family. 

Hannukah and Christmas mean that you might be out of town for a few days.

Then there’s New Year’s Eve. Maybe you’re out of town, or maybe everyone is coming to your place. And Fido is great with a few people but not with a lot of people, especially those with noisemakers and confetti.

Maybe your destination, be it the Hilton or Aunt Gladys’s, isn’t pet friendly.

You want your dog to have ‘Happy Holidays’ just like you will. You need them to be in a safe place where the caretakers will not only meet the dog’s physical needs, but their emotional and interactive needs as well.

Here are a few tips to successfully board your dog in DFW this holiday season:

  1. Book early. The holidays are the busiest time for kennels. Make reservations ASAP.
  2. Find a great kennel that fits your needs. Get referrals from friends who have dogs. Find out specifically what they like about their kennel.
  3. Take a look in person. Visit the kennel before committing the first time. Look at what they show you on the official tour, and take note of things that the staff doesn’t show you.
  4. Ask about the holiday staffing schedule at the kennel. Will the dogs experience long periods with no human contact based on holiday staffing plans?
  5. Verify that what you see is what your dog will get. Get references from other dog owners. Ask for a list of customers and make some calls to get their insight on strengths and weaknesses of the kennel.
  6. Get clarity on the drop-off and pick-up process. This system could vary during the holidays.
  7. Enlist an emergency contact. Make sure you have a plan in case there is a problem while you’re out of town.
  8. Coordinate with your vet. Find out how they approach medical problems at kennels when the dog owner is out of town.
  9. Medication: If your dog is on medication, make sure to stock up and have plenty available while you’re away.
  10. Updates/Periodic Reports: Does the kennel have a method of informing you of how things are going? Can you watch your dog via remote video?

For some expert opinions on boarding, see the advice from the Amercian Kennel Club.

Need some suggestions on boarding in the local area?

Pappy’s Pet Lodge
6413 Coit Rd
Plano, TX 75024
Seven other locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

McKee’s Pet Place
9122 Kyser Way
Frisco, TX 75034


When you create a plan, invest time and use resources available, you can plan a great holiday for your dog. And when your dog is happy, you’ll be happy !

Marvin Jolly is a real estate broker, trainer, consultant and business coach, dog owner, husband, and father. He currently serves as Regional Vice President for the Texas Association of REALTORS® and leads a team of real estate agents specializing in North Texas. He and his wife, Jamee, are Proud Pet Parents to Maks, pictured below. 


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