Creating a Lifelong Relationship with Fitness

5 Ways to Create a Lifelong Relationship with Fitness in 2018

by Becky Leverett, CPT

We all know that regular exercise is KEY to living a healthy and fruitful life; but how many of us actually practice this?

A healthy relationship with fitness is a lifelong journey. When the relationship is built on the below pillars, it has the potential to be life changing!

  1. Focus on your WHY
    People work out for different reasons: To live longer, To look good in a swimsuit, To fight illness, To relieve stress. To create a successful fitness journey, you need to first determine your WHY! Why do you need to exercise? Why are you choosing fitness?

    Keep your WHY top of mind and refer back to it on the days when you’re feeling tired and don’t want to lace up your running shoes. And remember, your WHY will evolve and change over time. Your reason for exercising today may not be the same reason 10 years from now or even 10 days from now!

  2. Make it ENJOYABLE
    Exercise is so much more than being inside of a gym surrounded by machines and dumbbells. Exercise is everything from hiking to kick-boxing to riding bikes with your family. Anytime your heart rate is elevated and you are exerting energy for a sustained period of time, you are exercising!

If you are starting your journey from scratch and don’t know where to start, think back to the days when you were a kid. What were your favorite activities? What gave you joy? Was it playing football with your friends? Or riding your bike? Or swimming? If you identify with an activity from your youth that gave you joy, start there! Your childhood past time may turn into your fitness gift and passion!


  1. Recruit the right FRIEND
    It is a proven fact that you are exponentially more likely to stick to a fitness routine when you have an accountability partner. Battle buddies provide support, camaraderie, positive peer pressure and a sense of belonging.The key is finding the right partner. A bad exercise partner will stop exercising with you; a mediocre partner will allow you to skip workouts; a good partner will work alongside you; an excellent partner will challenge you, push you and ensure you meet your goals! Try to find an excellent partner!
  2. Make it a PRIORITY
    Treat exercise like the true obligation it is; make a date with yourself AND DON’T CANCEL IT! Would you skip a meeting with your boss because you were tired? Would you bail on your child’s soccer game because you didn’t feel like it? Would you cancel Thanksgiving because it was raining? Exercise is a commitment you make to yourself and you need to honor your commitment.

Approach this time as a scheduled meeting that you cannot cancel! Arrange your schedule so you can fit in workouts before your family wakes up or take a long lunch a few times a week. Whatever time you plan your workouts, be consistent and do everything you can to keep that commitment.   

  1. Fitness is a GIFT!
    Remember that fitness and exercising is a gift and a celebration of your body’s ability. The human body is an amazing machine and is capable of so much more than we give credit for. There is no feeling quite like crushing a fitness goal you didn’t think you were capable of or having the ability run a race with your grandkids or being told by your doctor that you don’t need to take your High Blood Pressure medication anymore.
Nourish your relationship with fitness and it will reap rewards for the rest of your life.

Becky Leverett (CPT, NASM) lives in Plano, TX and is a Partner Trainer and National Recruiter with Camp Gladiator; the leader in outdoor group fitness. She is passionate about faith, family and all things fitness.
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