5 Tips to Organize Your Home

Make Your Life EASY with these 5 Fast Tips to Organize Your Home

Feel stressed? Need more time?

One way to lower stress and use your time more efficiently is to organize your home.

Lack of organization leads to frustration, stress, and potentially even depression. When we need something and can’t find it, the negative impact is both immediate and long term. Not only do we become irritated at that very moment, the other effect is that we begin to listen to subconscious self-talk such as ‘You’re an unorganized person’, or ‘You really need to get your act together.’

Lack of organization can make us late for meetings and events. Disorganization can require that we make another trip to the store (which takes time), to buy yet another roll of packing tape, or wrapping paper, or needle nose pliers, or picture-mounting hooks (which takes more money) when if we only had a good system for storage and organization, we would have known exactly where those items are being kept.

For some inspiration on organization possibilities, check out 30 Tips to Organize Your Home Like an Engineer or 100 Home Organization Tips from RedBook.

So what to do ? Where to start ?

First, we would suggest that you do some deep down, serious Spring Cleaning (even if its not Spring when you’re reading this)!

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Spring Into Cleaning.

Once you have done a thorough job of cleaning and getting rid of extra stuff, think about the following steps to organize your home with the stuff you chose to keep:

  1. Create a budget and timeline. Time and money. The two things that any task requires. Consider the plan carefully so you know what you can and cannot accomplish within the framework available.
  2. Sort your stuff. Think about area of the home, category, frequency of use, and size of the object ( large or small).
  3. Create a Storage Plan: After sorting your inventory, you’ll better know what kind of solution(s) are best.
    What space(s) in your home will be allocated for storage. This answer may come in terms of whole-room spaces (attic), partial room spaces (garage front wall), or spaces inside or near other spaces with other purposes (kitchen cabinet near the oven).

    What Do you Need?
    Supplies and materials. You’ll need shelf space, boxes, bins, trays, etc. You may have plenty of shelf space, although most homeowners explore shelving or storage systems like Elfa, or California Closets.

  4. Energize: You’ll need both mental and physical energy to pull off this task. You’ll need vision, tenacity and endurance. Don’t attempt more than you can manage at any given point in time.
                Consider starting with a small task. One closet, or one room. Small victories can propel you into larger ones. As you become more experienced and confident in your organizational skills, more knowledgeable about products, systems and strategies, you’ll become more proficient at the process.
  5. Enlist help and support. Organizing your home is not for the faint of heart.

You’ll need some or all of the following valuable points of support:

  • A Helper (or two). Possibly a willing  friend or spouse, this person will be your brainstorming partner as well as your extra set of hands, muscle, and moral support on those long days or late nights.
  • Movers: If you are moving or storing large, heavy, bulky items, you’ll need some muscle power. Be careful not to overextend yourself physically. Get some help.
  • Professional Organization Consultant: If your timeline is short, your workload is high, and your budget supports it, you may want to explore the possibility of hiring a pro.

The two greatest retailers who understand organization best are Container Store and IKEA. Get some ideas !

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