Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

So you’re last minute shopping for Dad. The irony.

You love the guy. And you KNOW 100% of his shopping for you, for your Mom, for HIS Mom, and yes….even for HIS Dad, has always been last minute. It’s just how dads are wired.

If you’re looking for a few ideas for Father’s Day gifts, we have some suggestions:

  • If Dad is an iPhone/Apple guy, check out the cool charging and phone accessories at Native Union.
  • THIS smart light bulb can be controlled from his phone. Schedule it to turn on and off, or control it from the app. It also has multiple color options and can be synced with music. Let’s be honest. This is a toy for your Dad !
  • Anything from Nest. It’s not just about thermostats anymore. These days it’s about cameras, alarm systems, door locks, and more. All controlled intuitively from Dad’s smart phone.
  • Most Dads like to eat. Some like to eat OUT. And ALL Dads like to be known as the expert. IF you Dad needs to know the best restaurants around the world your Dad needs a copy of the book called Where Chefs Eat.
  • Another book option: This one is great for the outdoorsy Dad, utilitarian Dad, or any well-grounded Dad who enjoys knowing things. Developing skills. Even if those skills are rarely used. Check out The Kaufman Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures
  • Writing personal notes is becoming a lost art. If your Dad enjoys writing thank you notes, or aspires to do so, you might consider giving him a nice pen and / or some personalized executive stationery.

For other last minute Father’s Day gift ideas, check out Last Minute Amazon Prime Father’s Day Gifts

Here’s a final thought. Go to your calendar now, and add a reminder to shop for Father’s Day. May 15 would be a great time to do that…next year !

Good luck on the Father’s Day plan !

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