Homebuyer Sabotage

The homebuying market is tough!  As a homebuyer, the last thing you want to do is to sabotage your home purchase.  There are several simple things that you can do to avoid homebuyer sabotage.  Follow these simple steps and you will be calling that house your home in no time. 

The Homebuying Market is Tough

The home buying market is tough!  No question.  The last several years have been tough for homebuyers.  Low inventory, high demand, rising prices, and tighter lending rules have all contributed to this market.  As a homebuyer, what can you do?

What You Can Do

We work have worked with many homebuyers; from first-time home buyers to people looking step down, step up or buy their retirement retreat. Even before we begin to look at houses, we spend some time getting to know our homebuyer and talking to them about the ins and outs of the local market.  We also talk quite a bit about the home buying process.  Even for many experienced homebuyers, the process today can be quite different from the process just a few years ago.  Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients.

One of the things that we talk about our ways not to sabotage your own home purchase.  A few weeks ago, I highlighted three ways that a homebuyer can sabotage their home purchase.

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This week, we introduce three additional ways.


To recap, here are 6 ways that you as a homebuyer can avoid sabotaging your home purchase.

Recap – Ways to Avoid Homebuyer Sabotage

Stay Pre-Approved:  NO new lines of credit, minimum credit card usage, no late payments.

Don’t Dilly Dally:  If you fall in love with a house, you will need to make an offer QUICKLY.

Not Placing Your Best Offer the First Time:  The risk with a low offer is that you will not only sabotage your chances of negotiating with the seller but your offer might simply be rejected outright,  without a counter, or even ignored.

Asking Too Much from the Seller:  Be careful about how much you ask for because a seller will weigh all the pros and cons, especially in a multiple offer situation, and not necessarily accept the one that was for the most money.

Nit-Picking the Home Inspection:  Focus on the important repairs!

Having Pre-Mature Buyers’ Remorse:  Once your offer has been accepted, the appraisal is done, the inspection is done, and everything is hunky-dory – STOP home-shopping!


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