Creating the Strongest Bid in a Seller’s Market

Submit your highest offer upfront and put the seller’s wants first, and you will be calling that house a home in no time 

You see the perfect house on-line and you call your agent to schedule a showing.  The house is perfect!  It has the gourmet kitchen, open floor plan, lots of storage, the fenced in yard for the dog…it has everything you want and it is in the perfect location! 

Because the house is perfect for you, it is also perfect for everyone else.  Such properties quickly generate multiple offers in a very short time, but only one of those offers succeeds — and you want to ensure that your offer is the one that succeeds.  To ensure that happens, you need to place the best offer in a market that has significantly favored sellers for many months.   

Once you have found that perfect house, you should prepare to jump in with a strong offer that should contain these elements:    Continue reading “Creating the Strongest Bid in a Seller’s Market”