Tips for Sellers from HGTV


Looking to sell your home this year? Here are some suggestions from HGTV that are cost effective and will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Minor Bathroom Remodel — Replace the tub or outdated vanity to give the bathroom a more current look.
  • Upgrade Landscaping – Add color to the outside of your home with flowering shrubs or trees.
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel – Reface cabinets or replace counter tops to eliminate the “my Mom has a kitchen like this” feel.
  • Exterior Improvements – Adding a new front door or repainting/residing makes your home more inviting and shows to potential buyers that you’ve been committed to maintaining the property.

For the complete list of suggestions from HGTV, click here.


In the meantime, our kitchen remodeling project at home continues with the counter tops arriving!

You can see our social media update here.


From our partners at Residential Mortgage Services (RMS):

Home prices are still rising, albeit at a slower pace than we’ve recently seen. Prices were up 5.1% nationally in November 2018 over November 2017.

Although higher mortgage rates have been blamed as a factor for a slowdown in rising home prices, recent rate drops could reverse that trend.

Home equity, currently nearing $15 trillion, has surpassed its prior 2006 “housing bubble” peak by over $1 trillion. This could help expand options for current homeowners.


2018 was an epic year for Mari Sennott and Associates. We’re grateful to so many of you for your confidence in allowing us to assist you with your home buying or selling needs. We look forward to working with more of you in 2019.

Enjoy your week.

Mari and Hank

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