38 Showings

We’re not the only real estate professionals, who have been saying for the last several weeks, if not months, that this is the best time to market your home.

Given all that we’ve lived through this year, we’re aware that this may sound like just a lot of sales talk. As we’ve acknowledged in earlier posts, it seems counter-intuitive. How could this be the best time to sell your home?

38 showings.

Mari called last week to set up an appointment for one of our clients to visit a moderately priced property. The seller’s agent told Mari that while she was was more than welcome to bring them over, she had to be honest and tell her that there were already 38 showings scheduled.

38 showings!

This isn’t the only property we’ve encountered over the last several weeks where there have been a large number of showings scheduled. Hank was out with clients last Thursday afternoon where there were several buyers waiting in line to view the same home.

That’s right. A line on a Thursday afternoon.

Buyers are very active for a number of reasons.

There are the ones we expect, such as those who have decided that they’ve reached the point in their lives when it’s finally time to purchase that house on Cape Cod.

They’re being joined by people, who are looking to move to a larger home with a defined worked area, as well as room for their children to learn remotely, if necessary. Others are buying second homes earlier than planned. Access to open space, fresh ocean air, and good schools are always priorities.

So, as crazy as it sounds, this truly is a great time to make your move whether upsizing, downsizing or moving to that someday neighborhood.

We can help you review your options that will maximize your investment in your home by taking advantage of the Cape’s current record setting market. Helping our clients make the best decisions has been our full time job for 21 years, not a part-time hobby.

Let’s connect at 508-568-8191 or msennott@todayrealestate.com to start the discussion. We look forward to working with you.

Looking for additional information about the ins and outs of selling or buying? Please download our Sellers Guide and/or Buyers Guide by clicking on the links. They will be emailed directly to you. We hope you’ll find these guides helpful. If you have any questions after reading them, please get in touch. Thanks.

Stay healthy. Stay optimistic.

Mari and Hank

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