Bringing the Curtain Down on 2020

It’s safe to say that none of us have ever looked forward to the start of a new year more than we do right now.

2020 has been a year of stunning contrasts. Even though vaccines are in early stages of distribution, we still hear of tragedies on a daily basis as the virus continues to claim more victims. Families are shattered and businesses shuttered.

But the virus also has forced us be creative and innovative. In the real estate profession, we adopted new technologies and changed procedures to protect the health and safety of both our sellers and buyers.

Many talking heads predicted a dire year. What they failed to realize is that even in a pandemic, life goes on. People still change jobs. Members of our military are transferred. Young couples living in one bedroom apartments look for their first homes when they start families. Older couples finally come to the conclusion that with the kids out on their own, the family home is just too big.

What no one could have predicted was the migration of urban dwellers to more open spaces. With remote working and learning the norm, it became no longer important to live close to the office. People, who were planning to buy a home on the Cape or in similar places “someday,” decided that now was the time.

For many in our profession, ourselves included, 2020 has been — unbelievably — a banner year. Like any business, we have our goals and we reached them in October. We have 11 homes already under contract for 2021!

We’re grateful to everyone, who decided to “make their move with Mari” this year. We met many wonderful people. Some have become friends and we look forward to spending time with them in the new year.

We sincerely wish you a happy and safe holiday. We’ll be following safety precautions suggested by pubic health authorities and keeping our celebration small with family we see on a regular basis.

We hope you do as well.

If we want our favorite local restaurants or merchants to stay open, then following all the recommended safety procedures through the holidays is important. Public health officials can’t control the number of people we have in our homes; that’s up to us. But, they can put limits on how many customers can go into a restaurant or shop.

With several communities on Cape Cod in the red zone in terms of infections, it’s important that we all do our part to limit the spread of the virus until the vaccine can be widely distributed. Thank you.

Merry Christmas. Stay healthy. Stay optimistic.

Mari and Hank

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