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Some Words about Weeds and Credit Scores

If you’re like us, the recent weather has resulted in a growth spurt of all types of vegetation in your yard. So, with a little help from  HomeKeepr, here’s what you need to know about weeds.

A weed is an unwanted plant, for sure, but it is also one that competes with your existing flowers and other plant life for resources. A good example of this is clover in your lawn. As time goes by, the clover out-competes the grass and largely takes over your yard. You’ll face similar problems with any weed, if it manages to become established.

One of the things that makes weeds so competitive is that most of the time you can’t just pull them up and be done with them. Dandelions are typically considered a weed, and even if you pull up a dandelion early you’ll still see more in your yard. This is because they have deep root systems that continue growing even if the flower is pulled free. Really getting rid of weeds means figuring out what the weeds are and what the proper way to eliminate them is.

Some weeds (including the dandelions and clovers mentioned above) produce flowers and are usually frequented by bees and other pollinators. Despite this, they’re still considered weeds instead of wildflowers. So what’s the difference between the two?

The primary difference between weeds and wildflowers is how they grow. Weeds tend to spread once established, growing to consume as many additional resources as they can and spreading their seeds as far as possible. Wildflowers are not as aggressive with their growth, instead growing densely in an area and spreading out from that area at a slower pace. This is why wildflowers are not generally considered competitive with existing plants; they aren’t likely to overrun an area in a short period of time and are much easier to contain to a single area.

If you want to promote the growth of wildflowers while getting rid of weeds and invasive plants, you need to learn to identify them. Search online to find out which weeds and invasive plants are common in your area, taking the time to search for images online so you can identify them even with slight variations in their appearances. There are also smartphone apps available that identify plants with a high degree of accuracy which you can use to identify weeds and invasive plants.

Other options include taking photos or clippings of the plants in question to your local agricultural extension office or consulting with your landscaping professional.

Is what you believe to be a low credit score stopping you from buying your first home or selling your current house and upgrading?

Your credit score could be better than you think…

We’re excited to be leaving soon to attend the Tom Ferry Success Summit 2019. As we’ve mentioned before, we participate in a number of training activities offered by the Ferry Group and this is the highlight of the year.

We’ll have the opportunity to not only participate in a number of sessions on industry specific topics, but also meet and network with other real estate professionals from around the country and from as far away as Israel and Australia.

The best part is that we’ll return with new ideas that will help us do a better job representing our clients.  We can’t wait to put into practice what we learn.

Enjoy your week…

Mari and Hank