What to Expect When You List Your Home

Selling a home can be an overwhelming process for the seller. The time it takes for the entire process varies from home to home. This, however, can be far less daunting if you know what’s ahead. Here are what to expect when you list your home that will help you have a successful transaction.

Have a strategy in place before listing your home

Generally, as a seller, you should prepare when putting your home on the market. You should start by interviewing and hiring an extraordinary Crown Point agent that you will work with throughout the entire process of selling your home. Your Crown Point agent will create a strategy for getting your home on the market while attracting the highest number of qualified buyers.

When your home hits the market, you have to understand that there’s a pool of buyers already in the market that are looking for certain criteria and they’ve probably already exhausted their options of what’s currently on the market. Either those homes did not meet their needs, it’s not exactly what they hoped to find, or maybe they wrote an offer and they couldn’t come to terms with the seller for whatever reason. But they might be looking for that specific four-bedroom home with a three-car garage in that specific school zone that you have to offer!

Expectations once your home is on the market

When your home hits the market today, making it the next one available, it hits everybody’s radar. And that’s usually through the drip systems from realtors through the MLS or very active, proactive realtors are letting their clients know about it. Buyers like to set up safe searches in portals like Zillow and realtor.com and be notified of new listings coming to market within their parameters, so you expect little more action as far as showings at first like an open house that your realtor has planned will happen usually on that first weekend. You might want to plan on being out of the house for a good period of time for those first few days it’s on the market and then after that kind of first initial push of activity, it can start to trickle off fairly quickly.

Getting feedback from buyers

If after a couple of weeks and you haven’t hooked a buyer, at that point your Crown Point agent will make another push to get the home out to new prospective buyers that are coming into the market and try to appeal to them as they become active in the market. It’s important as a seller that even if a buyer doesn’t love your home and doesn’t want to write an offer, you’re getting feedback from those buyers on why. You would want to know, is it the paint colors? Is it the pricing of the home? Or is it that the neighbor’s property not attractive?

You get the feedback and find out, is it anything that you can possibly control as the seller to help appeal to more buyers in the future or is it something you can remedy for that specific buyer to make them actually want to write an offer or engage with you further. And eventually, you’re hoping to get an offer, hopefully, a good offer and counter offer that you can either accept or reject. A lot of times there might be a couple of counter offers as you negotiate back and forth with that buyer.

On getting multiple offers

If you’re fortunate enough to get multiple offers on your home, you can do multiple counter offers. You can request the “highest and best” and sometimes you are fortunate enough to get into a bidding situation with buyers where you can try and get them to raise their offers, hopefully even above list price, sometimes maybe the buyer will change their terms to accommodate any specific requests that you might have whether that be a specific closing date.

Maybe you need to lease back the home for a season so that you have time to go find a next home that you’re going to buy or rent. Maybe they’re willing to waive the appraisal or pay a certain dollar amount above the appraisal if you’re in that type of market where it’s very competitive and homes are potentially selling for more than it could appraise for. So all types of nuances can go into the negotiation process and then ultimately you come to terms with the buyer and then you go under contract, open the escrow, and now you’re under contract and will go through the typical closing process which would be in another conversation.

What you can expect from Crown Point Realty

Going back to before listing your home, it is important that you hire an extraordinary agent that you will work with throughout the entire process. If you’re working with our team at Crown Point Realty, you can expect all things to be above and beyond. We have a motto here that the phone rings for new business only. It’s our goal that you never have to call for an update, you should know what’s going on with your property ⎼ when it first gets listed, what the listing looks like, and what marketing strategies have been implemented. You would know if we launched the Facebook campaign, the Zillow Coming Soon, the website’s up and running, the links for this and that, the engagement we have, how many showings, and the feedback.

We want you to feel like you’re in the loop and you don’t need to go asking for updates, because you know what’s going on. You know if we were able to find an offer right away, and if not, as the days and weeks go on, we are in constant communication with you. And if there are adjustments that need to be made to our marketing strategy, whether that is how the home is shown, the pricing strategy of the home, or whatever that might be, nothing is going to be a surprise to you.

If you have additional questions, give us a call at (702) 608-6227. Curious what your home is worth? Click here to find out! If you would like to look at all current properties, click here. You may also check other home selling related blogs here.

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