America’s Top-Selling Home Decor Items Made Us Do a Double Take

As we all know, home decor trends come and go, often so fast that it can be hard to follow what’s in and what’s decidedly out.

Luckily for us, online retailer Wayfair has been keeping track. The home goods company shared with us its list of the top-selling home goods so far in April—and while most of the items are stylish yet standard home decor fare (bar stools, rugs, TV stands, and the like), some of the most popular items made us scratch our heads.

Now, let’s be clear: These items aren’t necessarily weird—but it’s kind of weird that they’re selling like hotcakes. Or hey, maybe we’re wrong. You tell us. Here are some of America’s top-selling home decor items that made us do a double take.


Think twice before investing in this hand-painted tile.

Top-selling item: Hand-painted Talavera tile

The hand-painted design on this decorative Talavera tile ($17.27) offers intricate variations of green, blue, yellow, and red, and each tile is fired twice at high temperatures for extra durability.

Kimberly White, senior director of design services at Vacasa, predicts that this style will be wildly popular this summer.

“Print, patterns, and saturated colors are huge right now, and what I love about this tile is that there are enough hues for this piece to fit in nicely with many different palettes and styles,” she says.

Agreed! We won’t deny that we love this vibrant look. But this tile’s bright colors scream “warm weather,” which is a bit of a head-scratcher for Alaska. Plus, since each individual tile costs $17, using them to remodel a space can get very expensive, very quickly. Alaskans, what are you doing with these tiles?


This onion spray grass is vastly overpriced.

Top-selling item: Onion grass spray

It’s no secret that Chip and Joanna Gaines have popularized the modern farmhouse trend, and the right accessories can channel that aesthetic. And while this onion grass ($18), which is just under 2 feet high, can be an easy way to incorporate the “Fixer Upper” couple’s signature outdoor elements into your home, it’s far too pricey for being, well, a piece of grass.

Wayfair suggests adding it as a filler piece for floral arrangements or using it in bunches to create a dramatic and rustic look. However, at $18 a pop—and given that you would need a multitude of onion spray grass to make a fashionable bundle—this would cost a fortune.


Would you pop a top with these cowboy boot bottle openers?

Top-selling item: ‘Just Hitched’ cowboy boot bottle openers

These cowboy boot bottle openers ($33.24) are cute, but we would never have imagined them being so popular as to rank at the top of the best-selling list. Perhaps somebody scooped up a bunch as wedding favors at a country-themed ceremony—or a shotgun wedding?

A-plus for kitsch, but B-minus for practicality: The openers are made of antique brass—meaning you should think twice before getting them wet when you crack that cold beer.


Orange decor: Add it at your own risk!

Top-selling item: Orange pendant light

While orange home decor might be having a moment (it’s easily a cousin to 2019’s Color of the Year, Coral), adding these bright pendant lights ($99) to your home could spark a serious reaction from guests or potential buyers, says Rebekah Clark, owner of Decorating Dens Interiors at Clark Team Designs.

“With orange, you either love it or you hate it,” Clark says.

White agrees that the pendant, with its vibrant color, is a surprise at the top of Wayfair’s list.

“This orange is highly saturated and typically not a perfect fit for everyone and every space,” she says.


Avoid putting a wicker tissue holder in the bathroom.

Top selling item: Rattan tissue box cover

At first glance, this handwoven tissue box cover ($27.99) looks like a sleek solution to hide that Kleenex box.

But we’re betting the buyers of this box didn’t check the materials first. This tissue holder is made from wicker, which can attract mildew if exposed to water (i.e., in your bathroom). In this case, a plastic tissue box is a better choice.

New Mexico

The butterfly pattern on this teacup and saucer set is a bit outdated.

Top-selling item: Butterfly-patterned teacup and saucer set

This nature-inspired teacup and saucer set ($47.94) might be a green thumb’s dream, but we’re having a hard time imagining throngs of New Mexicans being on board with this aesthetic.

Both the cup and saucer feature a silver trim, a sage green band, and a colorful butterfly print on top of greenery. To top it off, the words “butterflies,” “flowers,” and “garden” are repeated behind the print.

We can’t help but feel like we’ve seen this look before—in Grandma’s kitchen.

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